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Server Update Notes

Update 3.9 (17th September)


  • Updated max hostile mobs per chunk from 16 to 50
  • Significantly increased mob spawn rate globally (roughly by 200%!)
  • Easy/Medium/Hard parkour now available with a daily completion reward. 

Heirloom/Exchanger Merchant Updates

  • All H4 items have been lowered in price.
  • Heirloom Tools (Pickaxe/Axe/Shovel/Hoe/Weapons etc.) has been lowered from 25 Glimmering Crystal to 15
  • Heirloom Armor has been lowered from 25 Glimmering Crystal to 10
  • Heirloom Shield has been lowered from 25 Glimmering Crystal to 10
  • Reduced the Mob Essence -> Glimmering Crystal price from 2300 to 2000
  • Reduced the Molten Steel -> Celestial Dust exchange rate from 20 to 8
  • Reduced the Sparkling Pearl -> Glimmering Crystal exchange rate from 20 to 10

Reduced Point Price of Donation Ranks:

  • Coal - from 150 to 100
  • Iron - from 300 to 200
  • Gold - from 600 to 400
  • Diamond - from 1200 to 800
  • Emerald - from 2400 to 1200
  • Obsidian - from 3000 to 2000
  • Reduced price of Particle Effects from 100 to 30
  • Points Reduced Price of Disguises from 200 to 100 Points
  • Reduced Price of Town Claims from 150 to 100 Points
  • Reduced Price of Shulker Box from 350 to 10 Points

This means every 20 Points equals 1 USD.

New Weekend Events Coming!

We are planning to do some new weekend events in the near future including:

  • Double Voting Rewards Weekend
  • Double McMMO XP Weekend
  • Double Jobs XP Weekend
  • Double Dungeon Loot Weekend

Artifacts Update

All artifacts can now also drop from the following blocks:

  • Sugar Cane
  • Netherrack
  • Nether Brick
  • Soul Sand

The 'Orb of Knowledge' has now retired, but a new artifact takes it place.

A new Artifact 'Scroll of Wisdom' has been added which gives you 800 Experience Points.

(To compare; Orb of Knowledge gave you 200 Experience Points)

Update 3.8 (9th August)

Renamed Combat Section to Minigames section.

  • Renamed the existing custom Mob Arena to Mob Brawl
  • Added Dungeons as a part of the minigames.
  • In a few days, a proper Mob Arena (Survival game with waves/phases) will be released.
  • More minigames will be added in the future, including: Mazes, parkours and more.

Other Updates

  • Improved Quest Rewards
  • Buffed all Jobs by roughly 50%
  • Decreased Emerald Sell price at /warp sell
  • Decreased nation cost to $300k and more claims
  • Decreased towny cost from $750 to $500 (creation)
  • Fix dungeon teleport issue/boss despawn
  • Reduced health of dungeon 2 boss from 2000 to 1500
  • Fixed bugs with Spawner Pickaxes etc.
  • Toned down the filter as it has been more annoying than beneficial recently. Some words are still blacklisted however. This does not mean you can go around swearing.

Update notes

Summer Sale News

Hello everyone,

As it is now mid-summer we are going to be a doing a 25% OFF EVERYTHING store sale. If there is anything on the store you have always wanted, now is the time to strike and purchase it. This sale will last from now until 11th August. Visit our store by clicking here

Update 3.7 (22nd July)

Update notes

  • Mob Arena has been added. You can check it out at /warp pve
  • New currencies: Magical Wisp and Fletching of Artemis. Obtainable in the mob arena and can be used at the combat merchant.
  • Quests are returning. The first quest is a mob arena quest, every other quest should all be back within a week or two.
  • Lapis/bones/arrows now sellable at warp sell
  • Artifact Booster Event is now 20% instead of 10%
  • Updated all server plugins and server version to latest
  • Updated GUIs
  • Updated motd

Update 3.6 (26th June - 1st July)

New additions

  • Dungeon system has been successfully revamped. 
  • Our personal loot system has been re-coded and now works properly without bugs.
  • Additionally, we have a new boss plugin which allows us to make way cooler fights. Bosses will now have abilities, dialogue, and more is yet to come.
  • July Build Competition (check forums)


  • Fixed bug where Champion rank could not set 4 homes.
  • Fixed a bug where renaming towns could cause towny data to corrupt (meaning town renaming is disabled now!)
  • Fixed bug where admin kits would show in the /kit GUI
  • Updated Wailing Caverns boss messages and added a boss health bar at the top of your screen
  • Fishing bobbers does not get removed with anti-lag now
  • Fixed leveled mobs
  • Town upkeep is now $200 daily.

Server News (28th June, 2017)

As most of you already know, yesterday the server had some downtime due to a hard drive error. Luckily, the damage done was minimal and everything should be somewhat fixed now.

  • For the next 14 days voting will give you 3 Points instead of 1,
  • The points artifacts have also been way more common.
  • Until Saturday 1st July everyone will have a +200% Jobs Money Booster

Currently known bugs

  • Leveled mobs 

If you find any other bugs, or something not same as before, let us know asap and we'll fix it. 

Thank you!

Update 3.5 (25th June, 2017)

From today until 2nd of July there will be a 10% OFF Summer Sale. This sale applies to all Key and Booster Packages. Click here to get to our store.

The first major update since the launch of 3.0 is now available. A lot of new changes, fixes, and new additions!

Custom Items

Over 30 new custom items have been added. This includes heirloom armor, heirloom silk-touch tools, and heirloom hoes.


We have added 5 new artifact items as well.

Mineral Pouch

  • 8x Diamonds
  • 16x Gold Ingot
  • 16x Iron Ingot
  • 32x Coal

Big Bag of Wood

  • 32x Oak Logs
  • 32x Birch Logs
  • 32x Spruce Logs

Farmer’s Pouch

  • 32x Bonemeal
  • 16x Seeds
  • 8x Beetroot Seeds
  • 8x Melon Seeds
  • 8x Pumpkin Seeds

Bag of Lost Treasure

  • 16x Glowstone
  • 8x Slimeballs
  • 8x Diamonds
  • 1x Map

Bag of Greed

  • 32x Quartz
  • 8x Blaze Rods
  • 16x Nether Warts


Both the Legendary and the Titan crate have been significantly improved. This makes the crate more worth your hard-earned money. You can check out the newly updated crate contents at /warp crates


Any rank can now list 1 item on auction at once

Noble+ rank can now list 3 items on auction at once

Titan rank can now list 10 items on auction at once

Other Updates

  • Update griefing rule
  • Updated GUIs (title etc.)
  • Update /warp to have all spawn warps
  • Updated Store (reduced companion price/boosters/fixed stuff/removed auction package/reduced price of all jobs package from $70 to $50)
  • Titan now has access to rainbuilder in /trails
  • Titan now has access to the new /itemfilter
  • Updated in-game money store package as the economy has been established since reset. ($10000 instead of $5000)
  • Updated to 1.12
  • Updated plugins & new voting plugin
  • Added /spawner command
  • Custom items now show their name when dropped on ground
  • Fixed price of Miner’s Helmet at the Dorkas Merchant
  • Artifacts can now also drop from Melon/Pumpkin Blocks (86, 103)
  • Fixed bug with /condense