MineRaze 4.0 Changelog

PacificMiner OWNER posted Nov 6, 17

MineRaze - Aesteria 4.0 changelog.

This is the official list of updates and changes happening in 4.0. This document only contains the important and noticeable changes that are happening for this major update. The update is available on 11th November and a countdown can be found at our homepage.

 New World

As this is a full-scale server reset, there will be a brand new world. We are still going to be using custom biomes as the community seems to really prefer them over vanilla, so you can expect a world similar to the current, however, 6 new biomes have been added as well.

  • Volcano Biome
  • Farmland Biome
  • Mega Taiga Biome
  • Snowy Pine Biome
  • Swamp Biome
  • Swamp Edge Biome

Heirlooms and Custom Enchantments

The custom enchantment system has changed significantly. Before the only way to obtain custom enchantments were from Heirlooms items or by purchasing books of a merchant in spawn. In 4.0 we have added over 50+ new custom enchantments to the server along with many new utility items used for these custom enchantments. Heirlooms have also changed, they will no longer have custom enchantments on them, instead, you will apply these to your heirloom items yourself. Instead, the heirloom items have a higher level of vanilla enchantments alongside with jobs money and experience boosters. This allows you to enchant your items with the custom enchantments you want to yourself, instead of everything being pre-made.  This also means custom enchantments are much more accessible.


All the server ranks have gone through a massive overhaul. There will be fewer in-game (/rankup) ranks, but they all have many more perks so ranking up will always be meaningful. The in-game rank list is the following:

  • Peasant
  • Adventurer
  • Knight
  • Champion
  • Lord
  • Warden
  • Kingsguard
  • King
  • Emperor

We have also done some changes to the donator ranks. Coal rank has been removed from the store, and all donor ranks except the newly introduced ‘Chronos’ rank has been renamed.

  • Iron => Atlas
  • Gold => Erebus
  • Diamond => Hypnos
  • Emerald => Aether
  • Obsidian => Hades
  • Raze => Poseidon
  • Dragonier => Zeus
  • Titan => Aesterian

Besides this, we have also added new perks to some of the donor ranks, and even more, perks will be added in the near future.

  • Erebus rank now has a permanent 5% Artifact Booster (stacks)
  • Poseidon rank now has a permanent 10% Artifact Booster (stacks) and a permanent 10% increased Jobs money gain.
  • Zeus rank now has a permanent 15% Artifact Booster (stacks) and their Jobs level cap is 100 instead of 75.
  • Aesterian rank now has a permanent 25% Artifact Booster (stacks) and a permanent 15% increased Jobs money gain.


There have also been made a few changes to Jobs on the server. There will be 8 Jobs on the server instead of 11 with the removal of Voyager, Cook, and Botanist. However, these jobs have been added to other existing jobs. Voyager is now apart of the Miner job, Cook is now part of the Fishing job and botanist has been added to the Farming job. Smelting ores have also been added to the Blacksmithing job.


Our artifact system remains similar to how it worked in 3.0, however with new artifacts and removal of the lesser liked ones. With 4.0 we have tried to make each artifact be more relevant. The artifact list for 4.0 is the following:

  • Small Pouch of Coins ($250 in-game money)
  • Large Pouch of Coins ($1000 in-game money)
  • Small Bag of Points (1x Point)
  • Large Bag of Points (3x Points)
  • Shard (1x random McMMO level)
  • Empowered Shard (10x random McMMO levels)
  • Repair Gem (can repair any time to full durability)
  • Pirate’s Plunder (Loot crate with random heirloom currency)
  • Raegos’ Forgotten Pendant (this item teleports you to a dungeon which rewards Shattered Crystals)

Heirloom Currencies:

  • The new common currency is: Artifact Fragment
  • The new rare currency is: Artifact Relic
  • The new epic currency is: Mark of Honor
  • The new legendary currency is: Shattered Crystal


All of the quests have been redone and categorized. There are now 3 categories of quests; Daily, Weekly and Minigame Quests. A questline is planned as well and begins development shortly after 4.0 releases.


Every 5 hours an assault will begin in the Assaults Area (old spawn). Monsters will run rampant and you will have to group up with other players to defeat the waves of monsters threatening to overtake the area. There are specific assault quests and after the assault has been active for 15 minutes an assault boss will spawn.


  • Block Frenzy  - first person to break X amount of X block gets a reward and wins the event.
  • Day and Nighttime events have both been removed, and the server now has a normal day/nighttime cycle.

More events are planned, have a cool event idea? Suggest one!


All dungeons have been reworked and a new dungeon has been added. ‘Temple of Herobrine’. Each dungeon also has its own quest and killing the ‘smaller’ monsters can now give you rewards as well.

Mob Arenas

We have built 3 new Mob Arenas that are functioning similarly to those we had in 1.0 which our veterans may remember. Each mob arena also has a quest associated with it.

Other changes

  • You are now able to exchange low tier keys into higher tier keys
  • Blast has been removed.
  • Top donor rewards (top donor of every month gets $50 voucher)
  • 40+ New achievements
  • Removed jobs limit
  • Job updates (broadcast at levelup 25,50,75), experience bar at top of screen.
  • Updated /spawner
  • Improved point shop
  • Updated voteparty
  • Updated crates
  • Increased sell prices of ores at /warp sell
  • Updated vote rewards

Besides this, we have a lot of custom content in the works that unfortunately is unlikely to make it 11th November, however, everything unfinished will release in the weeks following the launch of 4.0. This is an exciting time for MineRaze, and besides all these new features and changes, we have a lot more coming for you very soon!