Reset FAQ

PacificMiner OWNER posted Nov 4, 17

4.0 Reset FAQ


Q: What about all my donator items? (ranks/keys/points etc.)

  • Your donator rank will remain.
  • All companions will remain.
  • All trails/titles will remain.
  • Nickname, Jobs Package, and McMMO/Jobs/Artifact booster package will all remain.
  • All your points will remain.

All keys purchased on or after 20th October, will be reimbursed on request.


Q: Why even do the reset?

A reset is necessary for the future of MineRaze. Plain and simple, we have a ton of issues with our custom systems, and fixing all of them requires this reset. Additionally, MineRaze is slowly, but surely, declining which can easily be noticed by looking at all our graphs. A reset has been planned for a while. The original idea was for reset to happen in December, at our 2nd year anniversary, but due to an abusive former staff, we are forced to do it early.

Q: What exactly will reset?

In short. Everything. This is going to be a new beginning. A new chapter in the history of MineRaze. The donator ranks/purchases above will remain. Your points will be transferred as mentioned above, but everything else will be reset.

Q: Why play if the server is going to reset?

There may not be many incentives to play until 11th November, but there's one thing you can grind. Points. Points will carry over and you can spend these points on the usual donor ranks and commands, but also the new heirloom currency coming in 4.0.


Full 4.0 update/changelog news will be released on Friday 10th November.