How to make a successful town!

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Firstly you will need the Paladin rank!
(/ranks) (/rankup)

Secondly you will need $5000

Creating the town
Type in /t new *choose a town name*
You can change the town name at any time with /t set name *new name*

1. Just an idea
You know you want to make a town, but you need to brainstorm some ideas first. What style should your town be? Where do you want to build it? How big will it be? Will you have a plot system?

Try considering these:
-What style and type should your town be? (fishing village, huge city, underground)
-How big do you want to make your town? (5 members?, 10 members?, 40 members?)
-What building style should you use? (colonial, dirt houses, medieval)
-How should you be organized? (plots, more loosely based, grid of streets)

2. Gathering citizens
You should advertise the fact that your are making the town. Try and get people to come, and describe your plans. Make your town sound like the most amazing place to build their house. Advertise it.

3. Basic infrastructure
This part of the guide is easy to follow, but probably the most time consuming. You will need some basic parts of the town in order to be operational.

Consider building these:
-Town hall, for laws, records, offices, etc.
-Public square as your town's 'center'.
-A road system
-Try a grid with 'plots' or a simple system with a main street and some 'daughter streets'
-Roads and rails to connect the town to other towns/spawns/homes/areas on the server.

4. Laws, policies, etc.
You want order in your town, and you need laws to enforce it. Try to get players in your town to make it 'your town'
Here are some ideas for laws:

-Follow the server rules
-Building style enforcement
(Want players to build a certain way? Make a law!)
-Don't be rude, be kind, etc.
(You want your citizens to be nice to each other, so add this to the laws)
-Don't build in public spaces
(This sometimes gets annoying, believe me)

Be sure to make your laws suitable to your town. If you discover a player is doing something you don't like, try to make laws to prevent that.

Also, be sure to make sure players follow your rules!
5. Building styles and looks
You want a good looking town? Then build a nice, detailed area.

After you have checked all of the above, you should have a basic town running, and will be able to further progress based on your own knowledge

Also remember to find some people you can trust, and make them Assistant, etc.

I hope this has helped!

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