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FAQ - Jobs

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Hey guys! Today I am going to be answering some main "FAQ" (Frequently asked questions) based on the jobs plugin!

If you have questions that are not included in these following questions, reply with the question, and I will answer it for you :d

#1: What is the point of me leveling up my jobs?
Leveling up jobs is the best thing you can do. Every time you level up your job, the exp and money you get will increase. (You can see this when typing in /jobs info *job name*) To see how much your job's money and exp is increasing, simply get your jobs exp about 1,000-10,000 exp away from leveling, and then type in /jobs info *jobname*. Level up your job, and then once the job has gained 1 level, type in /jobs info *job name* again, and you will be able to see the difference. The higher the level, the more it will increase!

#2: What is the best job? (Which earns the most money)
Every job has benefits and negatives. Though all jobs have ways that they can be a great source of income. Every job will pretty much give you the same amount of money. The real question is, what do you enjoy doing? Or what do you currently have? Do you have a good pickaxe, or do you have a good axe? Maybe you have a town and you will build a lot of buildings? Maybe you enjoy to fish. Maybe you enjoy flatterning land. Do you like to farm? Choose what makes you happy. If you don't enjoy your job, then money will not come as fast.

#3: How do I join a job?
To join a job all you have to do is type in /jobs join *job name* E.g.. /jobs join miner, /jobs join digger, /jobs join woodcutter, /jobs join farmer, etc.

#4: What jobs are there?
There are currently 10 jobs (5/25/2016). You can see an in-game list by typing in /jobs browse, though I will provide a list here. Farmer, Miner, Digger, Woodcutter, Fisherman, Blacksmith, Cook, Hunter, Builder, Alchemist.

#5: How do I leave my job?
To leave a job all you have to do is type in /jobs leave *job name* E.g.. /jobs leave miner, /jobs leave digger, /jobs leave woodcutter, /jobs leave farmer, etc.

#6: How do I see what jobs I have? What level are my jobs?
To see a list of the jobs that you currently have, simply type in /jobs stats. This will also show you what level your jobs are, and how much exp you currently have/have to go. You can also see someone elses list by typing in /jobs stats *player name* E.g.. /jobs stats MrCraftyCrafter, /jobs stats QuietFluffyPanda etc. *Remember that if a player has a nickname, and you type in /jobs stats *nickname* it will not work, so check what their in-game name is by typing in /realname *Their nickname* and then /jobs stats their in game name.

#7: What happens if I leave my job?
When you leave a job, you will loose a certain amount of levels/exp. You can see what level you will become if you join that job again, by typing in /jobs archive. You can also see other players jobs archive, by typing in /jobs archive *playername*

#8: Is there a list of players with the top levels?
Of course! There is a leaderboard for every single job. Simply type in /jobs top *job name* and it will come up with a leaderboard on the right side of the screen. By default it will show the top 15 players, though you can see people further down by typing in /jobs top *jobname* *position* E.g /jobs top digger 15 (Shows 15-30) /jobs top miner 49 (Shows 49-64) There is also a leaderboard for top total levels. Type in /jobs gtop. This will be the total level of all your jobs combined. E.g 59 Digger + 32 Miner = 91 on /jobs gtop

If you have any more questions please reply, and I will answer/add it to this list!
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Nice Guide, might help lots of players.

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Thanks <3

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