Hey guys! This is the second FAQ I have created, and hopefully this one will be just as effective and help you out!

1. What is MCMMO?
Mcmmo stands for "Minecraft MMO". Basically MCMMO adds a bunch of skills to enable your gameplay has more meaning to it. There are skills for pretty much everything you can do, Fishing, Excavation (Digging), Mining, Woodcutting, Axes (Killing with an axe), Swords (Killing with a sword) etc! You can level each skill up to gain bad, and good perks! As you get higher you can get on to leaderboards and beat your friends!

2. Will MCMMO benefit me at all?
MCMMO has HUGE benefits, and can boost your game play! E.g With archery, when you get really really high, you can do 3x damage per shot! With axes, you can break armor quicker! With repair, you can repair your armor/tools etc. With Mining you can get 2x, and even 3x drops! With Woodcutting you can get 2x wood per log you break! MCMMO is amazing, and without it, minecraft would.. Well... Just be minecraft..

3. What can MCMMO do?
MCMMO can do many things.
* You can level up skills in order to conquer leaderboards, earn cool perks, or maximise efficiency.
* You can use abilities to maximise your breaking speed, your labor efficiency, your damage and pretty much anything/everything else.
* You can have more fun while playing minecraft
* It adds a whole new RPG feeling to minecraft

4. How do I see my levels?
To see your levels(Stats) all you have to do is type in /stats. To keep this leaderboard on the right side of your screen type in /mcscoreboard keep

5. What is a power level?
Power level is the total of all of your skill levels. E.g If I were level 234 Excavation, and 542 Mining, my power level would be 776.

6. How do I see who has the highest levels?
To see the mcmmo leaderboards all you have to do is type in /mctop. To see the leaderboard for a certain skill type in /mctop {Skill name}. You can also see multiple pages of positions, simply type in /mctop *Pagename* or /mctop {Skill name} *Page name*. You can also keep the leaderboards up for ever, by typing in /mcscoreboard keep.

7. What are abilities?
Abilities come from certain skills. Not every skill has an ability, but to check to see if a certain skill has an ability, right click with the corresponding item. (E.g Mining -Pickaxe, Excavation - Shovel) Your abilities lengths increase by 1 second every 50 levels!

8. How do I disable my abilities?
To disable the activation of your abilities simply type in /mcability. Type it in again to re-enable it.

9. How can I see my friends stats?
To see your friends stats, come within 30 blocks of their location and type in /inspect *playername*

10. What is a party?
A party is a group created by players and they can be big, and also small. They provide multiple advantages!

11. How do I join a party?
To join a party you have to receive an invite from an owner of a party. Once received, type in /accept

12. How do I talk to people in my party?
To talk to people in your party type in /pc!

I hope this has helped and I will edit it in the near future with more questions/in-depth answers!

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