Hello all!

I never thought this would be possible.. But I am going to attempt to create a FAQ for Dungeons.

There a lot, or better a ton of questions asked daily about dungeons.

Here are a few questions/answers that I have come up with. If you have any more questions reply and I will do my best to add them in!

Here we go...

1. How do I get to dungeons?
To get to "Dungeons" You have to go to spawn, walk straight out, turn right, turn right about, go up the stairs, and straight at the end of the walkway there will be an NPC villager named "Combat Teleporter"
There is a much quicker way you can get here, and that is simply type in /warp mobarena :p. Anyhow. Right click on the NPC villager. Click on the Iron bars Then click on the wither head!

2. Am I allowed to fly in dungeons?
No flying is not allowed in dungeons what so ever.

3. Where is the boss?
The boss will be underneath the island. To get there follow the endless spawnpoints of the mobs, untill you get o a small lake that is heading into a cave. At the end of the lake there will be a light, and a tunnel. Jump in the water, sink down into the cave, and then complete the parkour that lies ahead. Then there will be a large room and this is where festergut will respawn

4. Why isnt festergut there?
Festergut has a 5 minute respawn, so once someone kills him, he will respawn again after 5 minutes

5. What armor do I use?
Heroic armor is the best option. It is easy to get, and festergut cant do much damage to it!

6. What weapon do I use?
Use a Heroic-Titan Sword/axe

7. How do I get out of the dungeon?
Type in /spawn to get out of the dungeon

8. Do I need to kill all of the mobs?
No, You can just run past all of them

Anymore questions? Reply bellow and I will add them in :3