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Ragent's Comprehensive Job Guide / Money Making Methods

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Hi, I'm Ragent, that guy who got all those jobs nerfed, and this is a guide/review of jobs / money-making.

First of all, we'll be reviewing jobs because the majority of the server gets it's income from jobs.
I will be reviewing jobs in order of /jobs browse, which is why Miner is not first like everyone would assume.

Use best tools possible (artifact tools) and try to have the commands /fly, /stack, /condense and /sell

If you want to calculate how much something pays here's the equation.
Take your payout, divide by 1.05^(your level -1) then multiply by 1.05^(desired level -1)

For all you lazy people here is the job rankings for payouts (Tier 1 being the best):
Tier 1:
Alchemist (AFK)
Tier 2:
Tier 3:
Blacksmith (AFK)
Tier 4:
Cook (AFK)

Difficulty: 8/10
AFKability: 3/10
Grind: 8/10

Woodcutter is definitely one of those jobs that will consume your entire job coverage. Starting off as a seemingly basic job, in which you chop wood and place saplings, the woodcutter job is entirely based off of MCMMO Woodcutting's Treefeller. If you are not willing to pot commit your time into leveling MCMMO Woodcutting, do not even bother with this job. If you are willing to commit, set up a very large farm using 2x2 spruce saplings for large trees. Once the farm is set up, get movement speed buffs and treefeller your trees and replant. You can wait for trees to regrow and AFK or use bonemeal.

Conclusion: Bleh, almost as bad as grinding woodcutting on Runescape.
Pros: Simple skill, decent payouts at high levels.
Cons: Terrible low level payouts/training, have to make a massive farm to be at all useful.
Payout: Entirely dependent on the length of your Treefeller.

Difficulty: 5/10
AFKability: 1/10, your AFK is going to the bathroom
Grind: 5/10, casual people mine, it will level over time.

Miner, the job everyone uses, is the most basic and well understood job. The concept is simple MINE. All I can really tell you is to mine, good methods include strip mining and spray mining (moving your mouse all over the place). Use best pickaxe available and try to get the commands /sell and /condense.

Conclusion: Enjoyable money making
Pros: Everyone mines, it's Minecraft. Decent cash at all levels due to ores/diamonds.
Cons: If you plan on getting high level mining, you might get burnt out from mining so much (it takes awhile to level up)
Payout: High, best payout of "balanced" jobs.

Difficulty: 7/10, be prepared to place hundred thousand+ blocks
AFKability: 4/10, a lot of time wasted getting materials / smelting
Grind: 7/10


Builder is not a very used job because of the "low amount of XP given when building". Contrary to the job's title, the real job is 420 MLG SLaB p1ac3r. If you plan on leveling builder, be prepared to stockpile blocks (preferably glass/obsidian) and spend hours placing them. I do not recommend this job if your mouse does not have a wide right click or a secondary right click button. Additionally, if your mouse has keys on the side, rebinding movement keys to them is a good idea. Best ways to train this job include nerd pools and flying backwards and spam placing as fast as you can.

Conclusion: Gimme dat money money money money money
Pros: Make back your money whilst placing blocks, sometimes useful to make money when building
Cons: Not building structures at all, big investment for high levels, probably getting nerfed soonTM
Payout: Insane, upwards of 200k+ at level 100, dependent on ability to click fast.
Difficulty: 4/10, quick a bit easier than miner
AFKability: 1/10
Grind: 6/10

Similar to miner, except you dig. Using /sell will make life a lot easier or filling your inventory with the excavation rewards like glowstone dust or apples is a good idea. In most biomes except deserts, spray mine dirt for maximum efficiency. When in a desert, mine one layer at a time. Never use MCMMO Giga Drill Breaker.

Conclusion: Meh, I'll do that job eventually.
Pros: Easy job, decent cash
Cons: Use a lot of shovels / repair gems if you do not have /fix
Payout: Medium

Difficulty: 3/10
AFKability: 6/10
Grind: 4/10

Farmer is a simple job, just farm and replant. All I can say is that you need a large farm and you should plant sugar cane. Use half slabs over the water sources if you don't have fly so you can easily reach the 3rd reed. Use lilipads if you have fly and sprint and break the third layer first. Then break the second layer. No need to replant if using sugar cane. If you want a placement crop, use potatoes and stockpile them for cook. Additionally, get a chicken farm with hoppers and use eggs for pumpkin pies if you plan to train cook as well.

Conclusion: Good
Pros: Straightforward easy job
Cons: A lot of waiting for crops to grow
Payout: Medium, 80+ a payout

Difficulty: 14/10
AFKability: 0/10
Grind: 10/10

If you don't like killing stuff 24/7 don't use the job. If you like killing stuff roam the wilderness and kill everything.
Mob Arena is decent XP and alright cash, probably the best choice.
Most effective way to train is a pigman, guardian or enderman grinder.


Pros: Raw food
Cons: Impossible to level, literally.
Payout: Very low, $7.50 a kill for common mobs at level 100. P.S. Cook gets half that per meat while AFK.

Difficulty: 7/10
AFKability: 8/10
Grind: 2/10

Highly recommended if you're good with redstone and like to casually play

The real struggle with Alchemist is setting up an effective grinder. The job is currently balanced around a grinder configuration. The outcome is money not potions. Using hoppers/chests/redstone you can set up a massive grinder that once equipped only requires input of water bottles half of the time you are playing. Sidenote: Do not hopper fill the brewing stand ingredients or the staff will get angry (I know from experience)
Best way to train is load all stands with maximum blaze powder with a 3 tier hopper layer. Use netherwart, glistening melons and fermented spider eyes. Another way to save money is to time hoppers to only release 1 bottle at a time, which gives money for the brew and saves 2 glass. Once the potions are finished I recommend an automatic disposal system or you will waste a lot of time clearing.

Conclusion: Big Investment, Big Payout, AFK
Pros: Good money and pretty AFK
Cons: Setting up a grinder can take hours and if your hoppers start to bug out you have to spend awhile fixing them. Additionally, the cost of materials is crazy high for the low level payouts.
Payout: High, 200/payout, easy 60k+/hour depending on alchemy setup.

Difficulty: 5/10
AFKability: 2/10
Grind: 5/10

Just fish, simple, no tricks. Do not use an auto fisher or mod.

Conclusion: Best job to pair with high AFK jobs.
Pros: Neat items and raw fish
Cons: Fishing isn't for everyone
Payout: Like 20 something dollars for fish is like prety gud man, gives enchanted gear as well.

Difficulty: 2/10
AFKability: 9/10
Grind: 3/10

Not recommended for those without /stack.

Simple job with 2 variations: Smelt and Repair
Smelting is by far the easiest way to level and also 95% AFK, just use a auto smelter and make sure you put the coal or ores in the furnace yourself for the first batch.
Repair is just /stack'ing diamond armor and standing on a cactus unstacking and then getting mad XP.

The two are easily trained together if you stand on the same chunk as the furnaces when repairing.

Conclusion: Very AFK, fast level 100, alright cash
Pros: Fastest level 100 by lightyears
Cons: Diamond Devourer, requires investment
Payout: 70+/payout : Good for an AFK job, 1.25/ore at level 100, but by that time you get 2 ingots per smelt which is an additional $1.2-1.4.

Difficulty: 4/10
AFKability: 10/10
Grind: 7/10

By this time in the guide, I'm getting bored, so I'll give it to you straight. DON'T COOK!
Even with a massive auto smelter, the XP is bad and requires massive amounts of food. I highly recommend potatoes if you just want to level, but there's no real money here. Pumpkin pies with potatoes is the best way to train.

Conclusion: 10/10 AFK You load chests with potatoes and do other stuff
Pros: So AFK, you can easily browse chat or watch movies or homework (LOL WHO DOES THAT). Stay in school kids
Cons: Terrible money, Terrible XP
Payout: Low, 4000/hour (AFK)

Additional Money Making
Medium Mob Arena
Only requirement is good gear and Crusader rank.
Easily gives 20k+/hour with good gear, probably needs nerf.

Only requirement is diamond armor to get to Festergut without dying.
It is decent money like 5k/hour.
If you're lucky enough to get a titan coin or legendary key then you can add a big profit.

ye I thought the guide was getting too long as well, which is why I stopped here.
Like if you thought some stuff was useful.
feel free to comment
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You're Ragent, I hate you for nerfing all those jobs
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Note: This information will likely become irrelevant soon as Ragent will have all jobs nerfed to the point of losing money for each job. #RememberThePotatoes
The Man Who Sold The World... Really Bad Windows
Posted Jun 3, 16
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Hahaha Ragent, nice info, would of taken ages to write up. This is going to help a lot of people :d +1
Posted Jun 4, 16
Such a hard choice... Good Info or I hate you for nerfing jobs....

Good guide though. Thanks bro

Posted Jun 4, 16
I found the 3rd option extremely funny. But seriously though, since the jobs are nerfed, you get a bigger sense of accomplishment with every rank up or something expensive like that. So, it's not that bad. Still pretty bad though. RIP Iron Ore prices
Posted Jun 4, 16
Excuse me but I happen to love hunter. Murder is my thhhhaaannngggg ~(o.o)~
Posted Jun 4, 16
that suddenly worries me a lot.
Posted Jun 4, 16
micahnater.. Remind me to stay away from you :p <3 Just kidding.. Just.. far enough that the sword will not come close to me :p..
Posted Jun 4, 16
Thinking about it, what about hard mob arena? Is dat any good?
Posted Jun 4, 16
Note: This information will likely become irrelevant soon as Ragent will have all jobs nerfed to the point of losing money for each job. #RememberThePotatoes

I like the idea of losing money for jobs.

Server: "So you want to mine that stone? Okay we'll take $0.02 from you. ;)"

Lol jk
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