PacificMiner OWNER posted Jan 21, 18

Join our Discord - stay connected!

As of the launch of MineRaze - Aesteria (4.0) in November all updates/news have been shifted onto our Discord. In order to stay connected with everything new about MineRaze, it is highly recommended that you join our Discord server.

You can join our Discord by clicking here

Please also make sure to follow our Discord rules at all times to prevent punishments. We recommend you read the rules before joining.

Discord Rules

  • Your full in-game Minecraft username must be part of your Discord username.
  • You must always be kind and respectful to other members of this Discord. 
  • No spam. This includes hot micing or spamming any chats.
  • No links may contain advertisements of any kind, pornography, racism, or disturbing links.
  • No channel hopping. Channel hopping is defined as switching channels in quick succession for either positive or negative purpose.
  • Trolling is not allowed in any form. This includes ear rape music in the music channel
  • All memes belong to the meme channel. All memes are allowed except pornography. This is a NSFW channel. Do not enter it if you are sensitive.
  • The #marketplace channel is solely for MineRaze trading purposes. Any chat irrelevant to marketing is prohibited.

See you on the Discord!