Ok I'm starting a new thread about puns.
Each week i will give a topic.The rules are this:

If you wish to compete in pun wars, you have to come
up with as many puns as you can about the topic. If you do a pun,
not intended on the topic your disqualified for the week.
Also, the player has to write the pun phrase.
If the player wishes to write multiple phrases
they have to keep a score on the multiple phrases, with numbers.
Furthermore, the word puns your using have to be in bold so they stand out.

Ex: 1.) Wood you pass the salt?

2.) Who would believe you saw me in the woods? It's not like you could spruce up the information.

Finally, as you may have all noticed already, the first topic of the first week is the Forest.

Now Here's my sentence for the week. -