Hey, Flumpty here. Again, I recently noticed that a lot of people seemed to be interested in chat, specifically in colors and special formatting, so here I will give you a quick and snappy guide to chat.

The Basics.

Now everyone knows how this works, you press "t" on your keyboard, you write your message, and "enter!", Bam! You've sent a chat message. Pretty trivial stuff.

To send a private message, you have three choices. /w (name of desired recipient) /whisper (name of desired recipient) or /msg (name of desired recipient). These three basic command will send a private message. If you're in a fast-acting conversation with someone, you can use /r to quickly respond to the last person who messaged you. Again, this is some pretty trivial stuff.

How to get Purty Colors!!

Access to colors is a different story. Not everyone has access to them. For access to chat colors and text formatting, you must first acquire Diamond rank or above. Diamond rank is not an in-game free rank, and can be purchased on the official MineRaze donation store Here! for 40$. I recommend, however, that you wait until a holiday sale because you never know what type of discounts you can get. If you're a real cheapskate, and you are willing to commit the time, then rack up 1600 in-game points and buy it yourself at the point merchant, located in spawn in the large windmill.

Once you have acquired Diamond rank, it's simple. Simply use the "&" + <1-9> or <a-f> I.E &7, per say, and then your message after it. For a full list of Minecraft formatting codes, and which letters/numbers correspond to which color/format, please check out this helpful chart.

Thank you for reading this quick and simple guide.

Happy Chatting!