Minor Update 23rd December

To ensure that all of our in-game obtainable titles, ranks, and donator ranks keep their own unique prefix, players can no longer make their own custom variations of those.

In order to allow more players access to the Christmas Dungeon, we have done a few change to 3 of the Christmas Quests.

A Fishing Dinner: Now only requires 100 fish down from 200
Feast for the Citizens: Now only requires 150 fish down from 250
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Now only requires 50 Christmas Invader's killed down from 100.

Title Merchant
Added Titan title
Added Supporter Title

Added 1st anniversary update (unique title, loot cache, key sale)

Cow Pickaxe can now be purchased
Removed CaveSpider pickaxe due to it not working.
Added the Lifegiving Gem -> Demonic Essence Trade at the Coin Exchanger