Hello everyone it's TheEmeraldP. Just wanted to start promoting my town a little as it's growing nicely and I just kind want to show it off because I think it's pretty good. /warp nrs will take you to the docks and from there, there is a lot to see including an archery range, sawmill, church, inn, Larry's Lamporium and a hobbit house. The town has been built by myself and RandalTheRube, we use the conquest resource pack and I play with Kuda shaders so sometimes I forget how it looks with other textures. As a little incentive thought I would do a little hide and seek. First person to find all 7 Dragonballs and either message me here or in game with the locations will get a Life Giving Gem. There will be constant additions to town as I live in the frozen North and don't like to go outside in the cold of winter so check back often for new builds. Come check it out and enjoy!!