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Hello all! I'm going to temporarily ignore the fact that I haven't been on in a decade and instead get out a new idea I have for a town I want to make. Would anybody be interested in joining a sort of "tribal themed" town (more on the theme later)? In addition to the theme there will also be activities of sorts to go along with the theme and many other unique ways of doing everyday normal town things that get remedial and boring.

When I said theme earlier, I meant more for the way the town will function, not so much for the builds. Also, I would like to have a nomination system for membership rather than be an "accept all" kind of town. The first batch of people added will be big, however subsequent batches will be sized as needed (but hopefully kept small). There will also be "titles" held within the town based on time experience, behavior, and helpfulness/kindness.

I of course require a certain amount of help and dedication to get this set up. They will have special duties within the town (not too much really. It's as much as you want to make it) such as the normal town assistant duties as well as helping to manage nominations and selection of members. 5 districts within the town will be made. I will have 4 assistants for the North, South, East, and West, and I myself will handle the central town area. More details are to come soon about other little fun and interesting twists on the town idea.

For now, I just need to know if anyone is willing to participate.

(for anyone wanting to inquire about 1 of the 4 open positions, reply to this post or message me in game. A reply will be added to the post every time that open slots are taken)

Currently accepting:
-4 Town Assistants
-Up to 20 Citizens
Posted Mar 5, 17 · OP
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I'll be 100% honest with you. I love the idea, but doing something like this on MR isn't probably going to happen. This is more of a RP type of idea, and not many people on the server are interested in this kind of dedication that would be needed for the level to which you are wanting.

I am willing to help with any aspect you need help with, and even provide advice just the same. Just let me know.
Posted Mar 5, 17