High Hrothgar (Private City) Under Development.

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Hello everyone of the Mineraze community.

First of all I would like to say thank you for clicking on my post :)

Exciting News

I have been planning my town for about 3 weeks now. I have decided to make pre built homes!. I have been able to plan out a secret shop for only the people in my town. For this too work, the warp name will be secret and no one will be allowed to teleport into the city unless a resident. Yes I know, this idea is risky, but hey. We have made a city Town Hall which is going to be for all the news in our town.


Basically, My new town needs you!
We have a wall surrounding my town which is currently being built. We need people to help me build and raise the walls. This will secure a spot for you in the city, plus some extra cash for helping me. This town will be only for about approximately 40 residents who have the money to spend to buy a really nice house and be apart of my town community.

I need workers (about 5 more) too work 2 hours a day and help build the walls. /msg me in game (iJqckson) too work out prices you will get payed for helping. (WARNING: You must be committed to the city if you are going to help out). We need workers preferably with /fly.


For the workers, these prices are reduced by 25%,

Medieval Small Hut: 5k
Medieval Small House: 10k
Medieval Medium House: 15-20k
Medieval Large House: 30k+

These prices will range from 5-75k depending on the things around the house. (Gardens and horses etc.)

I would like to thank you for reading and leave feedback down below!

- iJqckson (Mayor of High Hrothgar)
- ijustskate (Co-Mayor of High Hrothgar)

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I'm excited to see your town grow :) also like I told you before ingame, if you need any help with anything, just ask whenever I'm on!
Posted Apr 24, 17