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Hello everyone,

We have a few major updates in the works that are going to fix up a lot of bugs, and overall improve some of our features.
In this post, I am going to talk about some of our upcoming new features, as I would like your feedback on those features, and also suggestions for other things we can do for the future updates.

Our custom artifacts plugin is being re-coded from scratch. A lot of new features will be added to the plugin such as:

  • Artifacts also possible from fishing
  • Work specific artifacts (example: a mining artifact won't drop from cutting trees)
  • Artifacts directly into inventory
  • Title popup when finding an artifact
  • Better Artifact Items

A feature that we had in the past - but had to remove due to certain issues with it.
The plan is to add over 100 achievements which give you minor rewards for doing simple tasks such as: Place 50 stone, eat your first steak, etc.

  • 100+ Achievements
  • Rewards
  • Achievement Leaderboards (and rewards for the top players)

Same as our Artifacts plugin, our custom events plugin is being re-coded from scratch as well.
With this, some of the bugs the plugin currently has will be fixed, and 3 new events are planned to be added.
  • Jobs Bonus Event
Gives everyone online a 5 percent Jobs XP bonus for the duration of the event.

  • McMMO Bonus Event
Gives everyone online a 10 percent McMMO XP bonus for the duration of the event.

  • Artifact Event
Gives everyone online a higher chance to find artifacts for the duration of the event.

Job Perks
The plan is to add perks for each Job so your job choice has some weight behind it.
Refer to this post. for more on Job Perks.

Custom Mobs in Wilderness
Another custom plugin that is already in the works, this will make custom monsters with custom loot randomly spawn in the wilderness.
Those monsters will drop heirloom currency and other fun items. Currently, over 50 custom monsters have been made and is ready for the next update,
each monster also has a level (currently level 1-5 mobs), and higher level mobs have more health and do more damage, but also has better loot.

There is also a small chance of custom bosses spawning in the wilderness, however, those can be quite hard to tackle without proper equipment.

Custom Enchantments
A lot of new custom enchantments will also be made available. My personal favorite upcoming enchantment is the "Guardian" enchantment.
This enchantment summons 2x Iron Golems by your side, who will help you defeat your foe in combat.

Here is an example image, showcasing the Guardian enchantment and also one of the new custom mobs spawning in the wilderness.

Spoiler: Sneak-peakShow

Your feedback is important to us - and we would love to hear your feedback on those upcoming updates,
but more importantly, we would like you to suggest more cool things we can add to the server.

Next update is scheduled for beginning of June
We have a lot more in the works than this, which we will talk about at a later date closer to the updates release.
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OMG!! This update is the best update so far?! I Especially love how you can summon iron golem's, since i love to summon things. Even in game's im a necromancer so i can summon skeletons and stuff. :d I Also, love the job event since i need exp for my fishing job :d.
Posted May 10, 17
Option to spend 20~50 vote points on extra plots for town saving up to 150 for 100 plots take to long
Get 3rd job earlier if possible
Guide to achievements how to do/get them and the rewards etc on forums
Add a drowning mod to mcmmo justlike it has acrobatics if possible

Custom mods/buffs
In the past I played on a server that had equipment; artefacts with

higher jump +1/2/3 blocks
more move speed

Never need to eat again
Always breath underwater
Light at night

Thors axe rightclick causes lightning once activatable once every minit
Sword with high bleed
Bow with infinity arrows as long as you have 1 with bleed fire poison etc maybe an collect all 4 bows to make a new one with infinity + effects

All artefacts of certain stats would self repair and have high unbreaking

Some stuff id like to suggest/mention because of upcoming changes

Sidenote auction on other servers can send the items to an inbox/chest placed by admin (like enderchest)
where the items won from auction will be send to instead of straight to player inventory which can cause loss of items
Posted May 10, 17
Posted May 11, 17
I for one like mineraze exactly as it is King of the void, however you do have a say :d

Also, basically the stuff you mention would just make the game too easy. Such as the part that says to make all artifacts auto repair...

If they auto repair the point of repair gems would be worthless, and it would basically make no need for people to get glistening crystal things anymore since the main want for them is that they auto repair.

Furthermore, i see no point in making things go to the chest's, since you know your going to auction in the first place. For one u can just not auction if inventory is full, two put it in a chest b4 auction is complete, or 3 drop a random item u don't want, and then u can always pick it up later.

Next, swords already cause bleeding, bows already have infinity, with poison, and fire, and i think the thor axe is useless, since if you were to get it, it would either be expensive, and overpowered, you could barely ever strike since mobs always move, and thirdly if it were to be cheap the rate of 1 per min would prob's increase, unless they were to weaken the damage.

Finally, items already have high unbreaking when u rank up the items, also i think it would be a waste of staff time to put such tiny updates in, instead of working on the June update, which currently will take alot of time and effort, so added even more updates would be more work.

That is all, please know this is not to be offensive in any way possible. Thank you and have a nice day. :d
Posted May 11, 17
10/10 MineRaze is gonna take over the world
Super proud to be part of this, albeit a small part :^)
Posted May 15, 17
This is one of the greatest updates I've ever seen in Mineraze in my whole year playing. The Guardian effect is gonna be so nice for fighting off mobs, also the artifacts are gonna be easier to collect rather than grinding them in the dungeons. Keep it up, Pac, I'm sure one day this server will be famous throughout all Minecraft players.

Posted May 23, 17
I think the custom mobs should drop custom heirlooms or artifacts that could be turned into unique weapons/tools with their own custom enchants. For example:

A zombie level 1 drops 1-2 pieces of putrid flesh. Say 35+ pieces of putrid flesh could be exchanged at a new building like a guild building to get a new sword, I haven't came up with a catchy name for it yet. This would be the same as a best enchanted vanilla sword, with one custom enchant: Zombified 1. This enchant could have a small chance to make the mob that you hit fight for you, which could be useful in say dungeons. This could progress up the levels to say Zombified 5, which would require 35 items of the highest tier drop from Level 5 Zombies. This would give you say a 5% chance to turn a mob for you on death, rather than 1% for Zombified 1. This adds more unique tools to the game, along with some useful, or even just cool enchants alongside it.
Posted May 23, 17