MineRaze 3.0 Full Update Notes

I’d just like to clarify that this reset was always planned. The loss of data earlier this week only made us work extra hard to get it out faster than originally planned. Resets on survival servers are inevitable and with summer closing in, this is the perfect time to start fresh.

With that clarified, this post is going to contain all of the major changes coming in 3.0.

Our heirlooms system is a bit different from previously. New heirlooms items have been made, and the way tier works has changed.

There will be four different tiers of heirlooms on the release of 3.0.
  • Common (equivalent to old tier 1)
  • Rare (equivalent to old tier 2)
  • Epic (equivalent to old tier 4)
  • Legendary (equivalent to old tier 5)

Those items are again purchasable from Murodin in spawn for the four new currencies.

Custom World
This is one of the biggest changes. Instead of a plain vanilla world, we have decided to make the towny world fully custom. This terrain is truly wonderful, ranging from beautiful mountainsides to extraordinary plains with beautiful custom trees. You will also be able to find custom structures (and vanilla structures), in the world which contains chests with items in them. This terrain is surely going to make your town look even better than it did before.

  • Towny World will be fully custom
  • Resource world will be a vanilla world
  • New End/Nether World

Maybe familiar to some. Achievements. They w added in an update around half a year ago but was quickly removed due to errors. With this reset, we have finally been able to clear up the issues we had, and fully launch them onto the server.

With 3.0 over 60 new achievements have been made, some rewarding money and others heirloom currency.

Custom Mobs
Instead of simply having custom monsters be in the dungeons and our mob arena, we have had a new custom plugin coded that allows the random spawning of custom monsters in the wilderness as well. Be on guard though, some of those new monsters can be quite difficult to tackle. Each mob ranges from Level 1 through 5, and each mob type also have a boss that rarely spawns. Those monsters drops Mob Essences, which can be exchanged into heirloom currency. Higher level mobs have better stats, meaning they have more health and does more damage!

New towny ranks have been added. This allows the mayor to better manage their town and give better access to the players helping out with the town.

Can build anywhere in the town

Can invite people and full plot management

Can do same as mayor except town deletion.

Along with that, towns will also be quite cheap for the first few weeks of 3.0 to allow new towns to quickly establish. The prices will be the following.

  • Week 1 and 2: $500, (0 upkeep, 100 per claim, 250 per outpost)
  • Week 3: $1000, (50 upkeep, 200 per claim, 500 per outpost)
  • Week 4: $2000, (100 upkeep, 250 per claim, 1000 per outpost)
  • Week 5: $4000, (150 upkeep, 250 per claim, 2000 per outpost)

Players on the server with 20 residents or more will receive a free town upon the immediate launch of 3.0.

Custom Enchantments
Custom enchantments are no longer limited solely to heirlooms. Over 30 new custom enchantments have been added excluding the new ones added to heirlooms. You will be able to purchase those custom enchantment books at a shop in spawn and enchant any item with them!

We have capped Jobs level at 75. Leveling is slower in 3.0, but you also gain more money from ranking up. Instead of a 1 percent increase in payment per level-up you will now gain 2 percent more. Once a lot of players reach 75 in most jobs the level cap will also be increased.

Jobs Perks are also a thing that is coming. While it is not available at the immediate launch of 3.0, a few weeks after the release, all jobs will get their own perks for players who reach level 75 in those jobs.

Lastly, McMMO powers no longer decrease the amount of income your jobs pay you.

One of our beloved custom features, artifacts. This plugin is being re-coded from scratch which allows us to really enhance this system. This plugin won’t be here exactly as we launch 3.0, however it will come a few days after. Here is a rundown of new key features to it.

  • Specific Block Artifacts (for example. you won’t get scrap metal from chopping wood)
  • Better and smoother item formatting
  • Artifacts go directly to inventory. Dropped on the ground if full inventory.
  • A message appears on your screen when you find an artifact
  • A bunch of new neat artifact currencies and items with cool effects.

Our custom events will also be recoded from scratch. A few new events have been added, which will give everyone online during the event a few key bonuses.

  • Jobs Bonus Event (5% more jobs XP when this event is active)
  • McMMO Bonus Event (10% more mcmmo XP when this event is active)
  • Artifact Event (higher chance to find artifacts when this event is active)

All current events remain the same.

Horse Plugin
A new minor plugin to help players properly protect their horses.
This new plugin allows you to tame/protect X amount of horses (depending on your in-game rank), which prevents it from dying.

You can even teleport your horse to your location at any time. Your loyal mount will always be right at you, ready for a ride!

Dungeons have been revamped and new dungeons are being added.
Those new dungeons have new monsters and new loot. More dungeons will be added as time goes on.

New in-game ranks have been added, and to prevent players exploiting alts, we have now added an additional requirement other than money for ranking up. You are now also required to be a certain McMMO power level in order to rankup. All of the in-game ranks’ perks have also been reconsidered and they are now better, and even some exclusive ones.

Our rules have been re-written. They remain somewhat the same, however, one of the biggest changes is the following.

  • The stealing and deconstruction of builds in unclaimed territory is completely legal. Protect your structures using a town if you want them to remain safe and untouched.

It is highly recommended that you have a look over the rules.

Minor Updates
  • Removed BungeeCord
  • New /buy command
  • Updated /faq
  • Nether Portals now break when obsidian is removed
  • Updated Crates, Vote Rewards, Vote Party Crate
  • Disabled PvP in towny world
  • Added an anti-pvp cheating plugin. Using flight/god/disguises in pvp is now no longer possible. PvP logging now kills you. Only PvP in the pvp arena and end/nether world.
  • New heirloom currencies
  • Elevators now require Diamond Block instead of Lapis block and goes up to 20 blocks instead of 10.
  • McMMO experience has been rebalanced.
  • A ton of GUI updates
  • And more…