banana_Two acceptance letter

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In game name


Do you have discord

New zealand

When did you first join mineraze?
2015 some time

Have you received any punishment on mineraze?
Verbally warned for saying whale cum to a new nub

Why should we pick you? (still don’t like this question)
To whom it may concern;
My previous acceptance letter for the position of senior admin must have been misplaced, so for your benefit I will submit another.
Over the previous weeks on mineraze I have discovered the algorithms of your staff’s mannerisms and believe I have nailed how to staff on mineraze. For example: “Let’s not go there” an absolute classic, or “Let’s not” when you are wanting to appear bored yet still the alpha above the crustaceans that call this server home. I am also extremely inactive in chat and often do not reply to players directly, but rather divert them or answer with rhetorical questions.
When it comes to avoidance I Will undoubtedly make the lesser members of my staffing team take on the brunt of the work while I am in /v hunting down xrayers and avoiding private messages. I’d also like to add that I am extremely nosey, so reading private messages between weebs would be highly entertaining for me, and I would love to share the experience with global chat at every instance possible.
I will hold no special favours for players as I don’t like most people. The prepubescent majority that inhabits this server are below my standards, I will not show empathy or interest in anything not farming related they have to share, and will cut down any self-pity I see from weak people.

For those not academically inclined having trouble to remember my points covered I have supplied an informative outline of my key skills relatable to managing autistic groups while they indulge in recreations past time activities:
- Lazy
- Narcissist
- Arrogant
- Pessimistic
- Unhelpful

How have you positively contributed to the server?
I am an icon to the younger community. I’ve found the perfect balance between playing a shit game, and not being an autistic nightcore anime loving weeb. I follow a 3-step rule:
1- Don’t watch any animated series’ which are based on high school or teenage girls.
2- Don’t think that my opinion carries weight in dictating the direction of the server, so don’t feel the need to bitch and complain in global chat.
3- Don’t listen to nightcore.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to offend any existing or previous staff. Any other players on the server offended by this please be aware that I don’t care for your feelings.
Posted Jun 16, 17 · OP
But... but... but... NightCore :(

Haha joking, 3 Doors Down and Heavy Metal is the best.
Posted Jun 16, 17
Please do not double post threads.
Your application can be found here; it never disappeared from the forums.
Posted Jun 17, 17