Tips and Tricks for Money Making on Mineraze

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$ Tips and Tricks for Money Making on Mineraze $
Hey there fellow Mineraze players! I decided to start up a thread where we
can contribute ideas for efficient and successful money making! This could be
useful for new and old players alike. I will do my best to keep the first post up-to-date
with suggestions and ideas, so that people do not have to search the whole thread
to find what they need. Please feel free to contribute your ideas!

To start off, keep in mind this server uses a mainly player-based
market and economy
. That means, we don't have an admin shop.
We do have /warp sell, but there are some items you can't sell
to him, and the prices tend to be low to encourage player trades.
I highly suggest that new or inexperienced players take a look
at some of our more well-known player-made shops, and consider
the buy/sell prices of each:

» /warp walmart
» /warp amazon
» /warp target
» /warp calco

Our server utilizes a jobs plugin. To access it, do /jobs browse.
Look through the jobs there and pick two to start out with. I would personally
recommend a job such as miner, digger, fisherman, or farmer to start out with.
These are good jobs for steady and sometimes substantial money gain!

Our server also has Artifacts, which are customized items with special uses.
Some of them, such as Shards and Empowered Shards, Lost Money Pouch, Small
Sack of Points and Large Sack of Points,
can be redeemed using right click, to give
you rewards such as MCMMO skill points, in-game money, and points for /points me.

There are more artifacts which can be used as currency to buy special items at
/warp dorkas and /warp HL. Book of Knowledge is the rarest artifact
drop, and worth about 125k to 150k.

Artifacts drop from breaking certain blocks (melons and pumpkins, all stones,
all ores, dirt, and sand if I remember correctly. Potentially more, please let me
know!) and killing monsters. Mining and digging are probably the best ways to
get artifacts, especially with an efficiency 6 or higher pickaxe, or efficiency 4 or
higher shovel.

If you're a miner, I highly suggest investing in a silk touch pickaxe. It can be an
heirloom pickaxe or a regular one. I like to mine because
1) you can sell various stones to /warp sell for about ~$150 for a full inventory.
And 2) ores, especially diamond ores, sell for a substantial amount more than the raw material.
Currently, you can sell 1 diamond ore to /warp calco for about $22.5. That's a big
difference from $5 a diamond! Once you obtain a high level fortune heirloom pickaxe,
this may not be necessary. But it's easier, especially if you don't have a high level fortune pick.

(Quick note: Efficiency 6 instantly breaks all stones. Efficiency 8 instantly breaks all ores!)

Higher /mining (it's an mcmmo skill) gives you a higher percentage chance to receive double
drops on all ores/stones. This will apply regardless if you use silk touch or fortune.[/b]

While mining, I would worry less about redstone ore. Sure, you can mine it up and sell it,
but it's not worth much and it doesn't pay from the miner jobs. (/jobs) This is probably more
of an opinionated thing but nonetheless, it's insight!

As of right now, you can sell iron ore and gold ore for the best prices at /warp oreshop.
$260 per 128 iron ore, and $280 per 128 gold ore.

Farm mob essence! Not only can you sell 10 essence for about $150-$180,
but you can exchange it for heirloom currency! /warp darkroom and /warp dark
are two very nice dark rooms that spawn tons of natural mobs. Mobs spawned from a
spawner block do NOT drop mob essence! Be warned!

On a similar note, for those players who need Sparkling Pearls to upgrade their heirloom
items-- my advice is, if you are farming mob essence in order to exchange for pearls,
don't spend 750 mob essence on a single pearl. Instead, save up 2300 mob essence
and buy a Glimmering Crystal. Sell the Glimmering Crystal for about 40k, and BAM,
you can buy twice as many pearls with ingame $$ than you could have with mob essence!
One pearl usually costs 5k to 5.5k, for comparison. You could theoretically buy about
6 to 8 pearls. With the conversion rate for mob essence, you could only get about 3
pearls with 2300 mob essence. You see where I'm going?

Contributed by minersmiike: Offer to help clear land or do miscellaneous
jobs for other players! Also, be sure to check the [In Need Of] signs at /warp walmart.
They mean that there is demand for the items and you can probably sell a lot for a good price!

That's all I've got for the moment, but please do feel welcome to contribute
and I will update this accordingly! I'm sure we've got some really good ideas out there!
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Try doing jobs for other players like clearing out an area, also look out at warp walmart for the [In Need] signs and sell it to sithed for some easy cash
Posted Jul 7, 17
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Hey Wenzer,

Great thread! Informative and just what new/older players want to read about, just want to add a few additions

1) You should emphasise that most people mine because of artifact drop rates, expand on that point and be sure to consider adding it.
2) Also think you should expand on the importance of /jobs, and talk about the few most important ones. (i.e miner, fisherman, farmer) and expand on that.

When this thread gets larger, hopefully players can contribute their different amounts of paycheques they get on a 3 minute basis for various job levels, etc. This way, other players will be able to reference this for their own!

Thanks for the thread!
Easthallow's probably better than your town ;)
Posted Jul 7, 17
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grind up to paladin, and go into dungeons every 3 min, hit the boss once and leave. Then sell loot crates for 1500 each - that's income right there
Posted Jul 7, 17