Heirlooms for Dummies [2017 Mid-Summer Edition]

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Heirlooms for dummies

Unless you've been living under a rock for the duration of your time on Mineraze, you've probably hear one thing or another about heirlooms. I remember when I first joined this server, one of the most daunting things was the vast amount of things that make up the heirloom system. There are so many items, and all of them have their own purpose and ever-changing value. Though those things may be true, you'd be surprised how simple the heirloom system is though! Once you step back and calmly look at each part of the heirloom system, you'll be surprised you even stressed at all. So, without further ado, I present the Mid-Summer 2017 edition of Heirlooms for Dummies.

This guide will be split into sections, to help keep both the thread and your thoughts organized and linear.

What Even IS An Heirloom?
Heirlooms are special pieces of gear, that are more powerful and helpful than anything you can obtain on your own in the server. Each piece of gear has its own upgrade path so that you have the option to upgrade your gear to be even more powerful than it previously was. Unfortunately though, the amount of upgrades are finite. Each item may only be upgraded 3 times after its initial purchase. Now you may have noticed that I kept referencing the items by the very broad term of "Gear". I purposefully did this, as Heirlooms come in a variety of tools and weapons. Listed below are the basic heirloom items.

  • Pickaxe
  • Pickaxe (Silk Touch Version)
  • Shovel
  • Shovel (Silk Touch Version)
  • Woodcutting Axe
  • Woodcutting Axe (Silk Touch Version)
  • Sword
  • Battle Axe
  • Bow
  • Helmet
  • Chestplate
  • Leggings
  • Boots
  • Fishing Rod
  • Shield
  • Hoe

All Heirloom tools and armor/armour are in their diamond variants. Now that you know what an heirloom even is, you're ready to start learning how to obtain one of these great weapons.

What Even IS Heirloom Currency?
So now that you know what an heirloom item is, you need to know what items you need to have before you can purchase that shiny new piece of gear. If you've ever heard people talking about "H1", "H2", or other similar abbreviations, they're talking about the tiers that heirloom items and heirloom currency fall into. Even though those abbreviations are still used though, they actually aren't up to date. There are 4 tiers and each has their own special label. Listed below are the tiers

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

As you might have guessed, these tiers were order from least value to greatest value. Since we're focusing on heirloom currency, below this will be the corresponding currencies and their abbreviations now that you know the tiers.

  • Molten Steel - MS
  • Celestial Dust - CD
  • Sparkling Pearl - SP
  • Glimmering Crystal - GC

We're close to the end of all of the different kind of currencies but there are two oddballs that don't quite fit in with the big four. The two are listed below with their function in the currency system.

  • Mob Essence - Mob essence is simply used to obtain the main currencies via trading in a certain amount of mob essence.
  • Magical Infused Rune - Magical infused runes are used in the process of creating a common level heirloom.

This technical stuff may be boring to read about, but it is the most critical information about heirlooms and how they work. Don't worry though, the juicy stuff is right around the corner!

How Do I Get An Heirloom?
  1. Gather The Heirloom Currency Needed To Purchase The Heirloom
    There are multiple ways to go about earning heirloom currency. Some are more effective than others though, so here is a lineup (best to worst) of some ways you can get your hands on some heirloom currency. Before you go gathering though, remember to check how much you need to gather by talking to "Murodin" at /warp heirloom (/warp hl) before you start working hard though. Overworking isn't fun for anybody.

    • Buying currencies from player shops like /warp walmart or /warp calco
    • Helping to defeat the dungeon boss
    • Exchanging mob essence at /warp heirloom (/warp hl)

  2. Finally Purchase Your New Heirloom!
    This is the moment you've been waiting for! Now, you're going to want to go to /warp heirloom (/warp hl works too). Once you have arrived at the warp, walk into the building and talk to the villager NPC named "Murodin". There you will see everything that he has to offer! Whenever you want to upgrade to the next tier, you will return to "Murodin" and do the exact same thing, just with different items.

But Wait! There's More!
You thought you were done weren't you! But no, I'm not gonna let you go that easily. I still have AT LEAST another paragraph I can make you sit here and read. Anyways you may be wondering what more there is to all this? Well there are also some other items that you can purchase with heirloom currencies. Go to /warp dorkas and talk to... you guessed it! "Dorkas"! Here you can browse through trinkets, spawners, spawn eggs, and the server's array of custom enchants.

That's really all you need to know, seeing as how you purchase items here the same way you purchase other heirloom items.

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Great post, very helpful. If you want to add more, maybe you could do a page about Dorkas items, and include other currencies like books of knowledge, broken spawners and broken trinkets.
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Yeah. I figured I could do a sort of part two for that later. I just wanted this to be a very basic beginners guide since so many people ask about heirlooms when they first learn about their existence.
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Great post! The clouds have now parted on this matter :-d
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