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In-game Username: Lastfatwookie
Do you have Discord?: Yes

Do you have skype?: Yes

Timezone and Country: EST U.S

When did you first join MineRaze?: Around March or May of 2016

Why should we pick you?: I feel like I would help speed up some process for server projects. I can put some of my creative map planning skills to use for whatever project may need finishing. I do best with a partner with build projects by assisting with my well knowledge of minecraft and how far we can take creativity. It may not be "next level generation" of building however I feel like my spin and twist on ideas may be of some use still. Let me help you create amazing creations for people far and wide to be in amazement over. On a side note, being in creative mode would really help the creative flow lol

What is your preferred build style?: Heavy-Nature/Dwarfish-Underground/Medieval/ Some Modern but meh Modern too easy.

World Edit knowledge (0-5): 5 (//wand am I right?)
Voxelsniper knowledge (0-5): 3 (Not used since last year but know some stuff)

Experience building: May not be a God however I do know my stuff, I am very capable of building my strengths but up to try new things out.

P.S- Haven't built a new project though in a while, please don't hate me for it I just get bored in single-player alone :(

Posted a couple images. From different years of me playin minecraft
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Dude the tree looks epic.
I tend to treat people the way they treat others. Let that sink in :)
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accepted gz
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