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Skittleboys Trainne Application

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In-game username - Skittleboys
Age - 18 years old
Do you have a discord? - Yes, I have a discord which is skittleboys.
Do you have a Skype ? - Yes, it's watch9918.
Timezone - EST
Country - The United States of America
When did you first join Mineraze? - Two weeks ago, have 120 hours.
Have you received any forms of punishment? No, I have zero warnings and zero verbal warnings from staff.

Why should we pick you?

Active, watchful, and reactive.

These are the three keywords that come to mind to answer this question. I'm always on the alert for anyone who needs help and have helped many new people get started by simply just answering their basic questions and/or teleporting them to places to explain the skeleton functions of the server so they can have a grasp on it. I am always watchful of the chat, and my environment. If a player has a question or needs help, I do the best to my ability to solve his/her question/conflict. I clearly understand Minecraft is a game and is supposed to be enjoyed but I also understand there is a clear need for a set of rules to keep this establishment in order therefore there must be an understood balance within the staff team on when to act harshly, calmly, etc. I understand this balance very well and thus this is why you should pick me to join your staff team to maintain order and fun on this wonderful server.

How have you positively contributed to the server?

There are many ways an average player such as myself can help contribute to the server. From just giving a warm "Welcome to the server!" to new players to make them feel more welcomed, to giving each question from players the attention it deserves. I carefully do my best to answer questions from players over global chat and/or in "Discord". I have set up a person in my town with a H1 pickaxe and helped her get to an H2 pickaxe since she didn't know much about artifacts/heirlooms. I take joy in helping people as it is very rewarding knowing people can come to you to answer their questions.

I give a warm welcome to everyone who joins the server or who joins back. I'm always there for all players on the flip of a dime and I do not plan to change this ever. My motto when I'm playing has always been a solid simple one - "Help people as if you needed the same". Meaning, don't give them a quick easy answer because you don't want to explain things, make sure they understand what you're saying step by step.

With all this being said, I believe I will be a well addition to your wonderful staff team - thank you for considering my application.

- Skittleboys
- [Moderator] Skittle
Posted Jul 23, 17 · OP · Last edited Jul 23, 17
Congratulations! You've been accepted. Message me on skype ( for the next steps. Well done.
Posted Jul 23, 17