Looking for a new and expanding town? One with active members? And helpful staff? Look no further than Fluffville - we offer the best towny experience in all of mineraze.

Town Rules-
So, you wanna join our town? Well as long as you follow our simple rules below you'll do fine in our wonderful community!

1) Respect all town members, fellow citizens and town staff alike
2) Make your plots as appealing as possible, if your struggling we recommend YT tutorials and various references.
3) Follow all the server rules. Check them out here
4) No chest shops on your plot, we have a designated shop plot area. Ask Fluffythebunnyx in game for more info.
5) All town staff have the right to request and remove ugly plots with a 24hr notice given to both me and the plot owner.
6) You will be removed from the town if you cannot keep up with the 30$ a day tax and/or inactive for 5 days or more without prior notice given to Fluffythebunnyx in-game.
7) Replant the town farm
8) Finally, Do not destroy paths or if they are part of your plot, without permission from Fluffythebunnyx or Auditt_98

Here at Fluffville we offer a wide range of facilities for all your towny needs, from Local Grinders and mob spawners to an amazingly cheap store **/warp lidl** we have it all!
The types of mob spawners we have are:
- Cow
- Pig
- Skeleton
- Cave Spider
* More coming soon! *

We also have a town wheat farm available to all town members, just east of the docks. The in-town acro farmer is conveniently placed behind lidl and the skeleton spawner for all your acrobatics leveling needs.

Plots & Real Estate-

Fluffvile boasts an extensive range of living and working plot-types. All plots are priced based on their location/usefulness & prebuilt plots on their materials/location/usefulness. If you are unsure of anything, ask Fluffythebunnyx in game either through mail or msg.
Our plot types include:

Personal Farm Plots - Averagely priced at 250$
Normal Building plots - *Depends on location, however normal and non-unique plots are priced at 0-100$*
Shop plots - Averagely priced at 2000$
Prebuilt Homes - *Again, it depends, though pricing is usually between 3-15k*
Prebuilt Shops - Average price 7-10k


That's all about Fluffville for now, however updates may be made later on. Don't forget if you have any questions, dont be afraid to ask Fluffythebunnyx in game or below!