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Towny Tutorial and Commands | So far

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Hello everyone!
I have got some information about Towny, i'm sure it will help a newbie, and whoever wants to create a new town. Although I don't have all the information yet. I searched for a forum that teaches me, but I didn't find enough info.
It would be awesome if someone created a thread of "Towny for Dummies" but until then I hope I gave you basic information to start a new town.

First of all if you are freshly new please read all signs in /tutorial in game, and read the frequently asked question in /faq

Towny is a plugin that offers you the chance to create a town, or join a town with your friends. Of course it's not easy at first, otherwise everyone will have towns without residents.
A town is created by plots (which is a marked out squares: 16x16 blocks) to see plots you need to press F3 and letter G together
[if you are a mac user: fn f3 g] it's called chunk boarders.

To create a town you need to work first and collect some game-money (I suggest reading a thread about jobs). When you ask in the server chat how much money you need to make, usually 5,000B. I will give you more details...
-You need to rank up to Artisan. (which is rank no.3, you need to pay for the 1st and 2nd rank as well as Artisan) (you also need power level /stats)
- You need 750B to start a new town with one plot.
- Each plot costs 200B. (you will begin with 0/8 plots, the more people join your game the more plots you can claim)
- Everyday tax of your town costs 200B.

So lets say you want a town that has enough starter money to stay for a week (daily tax), and you also want to buy 5 plots, and you want to rank up to Artisan. Lets do some maths here:
Ranks 3500 + New Town 750 + Plots 1000 + Week tax 1400 = 6650B
You need about 6650B money to make a town, luckily it's not hard to make money in this server.

Thats the basic general information, now let's move on to the commands I know so far:
- Creating a town:
• /town new <townname> or
• /t new <townname>

- Buying plots for your town expand:
• Press F3 with G
• /town claim

- Features in town (on or off):
• /town toggle explosion off
• /town toggle fire off
• /town toggle pvp off
• /town toggle mobs off
• /plot set perm outsider off (people not in town)

- Changing town spawn/ or homeblock:
stand where you want the spawn/home to be and
• /town set spawn
• /town set homeblock

- Town bank (safer to put 1400B a week everyday tax):
• /t deposit $ ex.(/t deposit 1400)
• /t withdraw $

- Adding people to town:
• /town add <name>
(people in your town cannot withdraw from town bank, and cannot claim a plot if not forsale)

- Giving your people a plot:
• (The person needs to do /claim plot after you put a plot forsare)
• /plot fs $
If you want to sell a plot for free you can keep it 0.
Giving your people plots will keep other residents of your town unable to break into their house or farming their food, but as a mayor you have the right to break block but you can't break or open locked chests/doors. If a resident of your town wants to leave town, make sure they unlock their furnace,chests,doors via /unlock. leaving town is via /town leave.

- Useful commands:
• /lock and /unlock
it's a very useful command even in /wild.
• /towny (information)
• /town ? (information)
• /t (to see your town stats)
• /tc <msg> (town chat)
• /tgui (more information)
• /ranks (to show ranks and their prices)
• /faq
• /tutorial
• /warp

That's all I got for now.. I hope it was useful.
If you have more info please write it in the comments, as well as questions

Thanks for reading.
Mellowwonka :-d
Mellowwonka ~
Posted Aug 13, 17 · OP
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A really great guide with helpful commands and information.
- [Moderator] Skittle
Posted Aug 13, 17
Cammelia ADMIN
Great thread, super useful for those who need help understanding towny a bit better. The only thing I'd change is that towns now cost $500 to create. Other than that, I really appreciate you did this as it's super useful for other players.

Let's get Sirius.

-[Admin] Siri
Posted Aug 13, 17