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The Great Thread of "How Do I?..."

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How do I rank up in the in-game rank system?

How do I view my achievements?
/aach list

How do I view my current quest(s)?

How do I check how much money I have?

How do I make a town?
/t new [town name]

How do I claim land for my town?
/t claim

How do I make a plot available for purchase?
/plot fs [$ amount (can be left blank for $0)]

How do I make plots editable only by town officials?
/plot nfs

How do I get the plot to say something special when I walk through it?
/plot set name [plot name]
(adjacent plots with the same name will not display the name in chat when moving through those plots)

How do I let somebody build on my plot?
/res friend add [player name]

How do I use Mob Essence/Molten Steel/Celestial Dust/Sparkling Pearls/Glimmering Crystals?
use them at /warp hl

How do I make money?
join a job by right clicking the job you want to join in /jobs browse.

How do I get the link to the discord?
you can find it in the /motd (message of the day)

How do I use my points?
Interact with the villagers at /warp points

How do I redeem my McMMO credits?
do /redeem, then type the number of points you wish to redeem in chat (don't worry, nobody can see it but you!)

How do I check out donor perks?
you can look at them in /buy

How do I buy a donor rank?
do /buy, click on the rank you wish to purchase and you will be re-routed to the shop page.

How do I get to the forums?
... you're joking right?

How do I find where the rules are?
do /rules and you will be redirected to the rules page on the forums.

How do I fix invisible blocks?
do /ghost

How do I claim a horse as mine?
do /zh claim

How do I make that horse tp to me?
do /zh here

How do I get rid of my horse?
do /zh free

How do I give my horse to another player?
do /zh give

How do I join a faction?

How do I check who's in the lead during a fishing contest?
do /fish top

How do I check the current special event?
do /event

How do I lock a chest?
do /lock, then punch the chest. (ouch!)

How do I unlock a chest?
do /unlock, then punch the chest. (You really shouldn't punch chests you know...)

How do I add a friend to a protected chest?
do /cmodify [player name], then punch the chest (CHEST ABUSE!!!1!)

How do I craft [insert item here]?
for the love of god just google it already please.

How do I check my power level?

How do I check my McMMO levels?
also /stats

Does Bruno Mars is Gay?
I don't know... does he?

Let me know if you like this idea/format of help threads! If you spot anything I missed tell me so that it can go in part 2!
Posted Aug 15, 17 · OP
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How do I How do I?

Posted Aug 15, 17
How do I How do I?
You do.
Posted Aug 15, 17 · OP
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