North River Shores 2021

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When the server reset a few months back Mineraze took a step towards the future. With that in mind North River Shores took a step into the future as well. All the way to the year 2021.
With a traditional to modern approach to building this time around we hope to build an even better and more detailed town this time around.

Here is a list of completed projects and the warps to them.
/warp homedepot
90 plot Home Depot with full interior
/warp sunnyvale
"Trailer Park Boys" trailer park
/warp ps
Public Storage building has our storeroom below
/warp starbucks
Starbucks coffee shop
/warp mickeys
Mickey's Dinning Car St. Paul, MN USA
/warp fd
Fire Station
/warp recycling
Recycling Center
/warp valvoline
Valvoline Rapid Oil Change
/warp petstore
Pet Store
Posted Aug 20, 17 · OP
Finished a few more builds here are the warps.
/warp sonic
Sonic americas drive-in
/warp lakehouse
Traditional style house/ pet store owners house
/warp a frame
Modern style A frame house
/warp rowhouse1
The farmer row house
/warp row house2
The alchemist row house
/warp rowhouse3
The fisherman row house
Posted Sep 9, 17 · OP