In-game Username:
Trickster_ (Connor)


Do you have Discord?:
Yes (Able to voice chat)

Do you have skype?:
Yes (Able to voice chat)

Timezone and Country:
United Kingdom, Time zone is GMT 0:00

When did you first join MineRaze?:
I joined MineRaze quite awhile back, much before the reset, Im not sure of a specific date but I would say near the start of last year.

Have you received any form of punishments on MineRaze?:
Besides my previous staff punishment for an immature response, no I have not received any punishment.

Why should we pick you?:
I think I should be staff because, I am very friendly and polite to the members of the server. I also know how to take control of situations which would require commands or if it involves something within the server. common commands that are used by staff members I can do with ease, such as, mute, kick, ban, social spy, ETC. I believe this is a strong point, as being a previous member of the staff team i have knowledge of the commands and how they should be used, and what to expect. I can be mostly on every day this is a positive as this means the server will mostly never be short of staff in the day/night, I come onto the server, weather its on my PC or my phone via minechat. I have had previous experiences as being mod, admin and Co-owner on a fair few servers. I am one to help those who are feeling down, as I do not take kindly to areas of bullying or people being left alone.

How have you positively contributed to the server?:
I have positively contributed to the server by helping out members in the community in many different ways, such as telling commands needed. helping players being, handing items. I can provide so much more to the server if i do give it my best, giving it my all and making MineRaze a happy server for all ages. Further I believe that I have matured enormously than when I first joined then server, not just matured in minecraft by overall my life, I feel as if i have become a much better person with a higher knowledge of my responsibilities.

Thank you for taking your time to read this Application, Look forward to seeing you on the server.

~Connor (Trickster_)