The State of the Chicken

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Hi! Th3FunkyChick3n here,
Before I start with the rest of this forum post, please take note that this is a very personal post that deals with my wellbeing. If you are not comfortable reading those kind of things, or don't have anything nice to say or do then now is your time to leave....

I wish I could say this was good news but it's not. Have you all noticed that my attendance on the server has been slacking some? You'd be right if you've noticed that, but why is it that I'm not on? I mean I wan't to be here, but yet I'm still forced away, but by what? Well, this is all about school, depression, and I. Of course, school is going to take up some of my time now, that's a given. School also lowers my presence here in another way; every day after school, I feel like the life has been sucked out of me. Having this feeling, I lay down and end up sleeping 1-5 hours. Upon my awakening I get on and after a while I started to notice that I wasn't quite looked at the same way after some time gone. My identity has essentially been ripped from me. I used to have a name, and I used to be a generally liked player among those who knew me. Nowadays I get nasty comments and even when I'm actually on, people will choose to ignore my presence. In all my time of mineraze, I haven't felt so isolated and lonely among up to hundreds of people. I don't know what I've done, but I feel like I've done something. I mean, my friends are all rising above me, and slowly but surely I'm getting dwarfed and forgotten in their shadows. Eventually, I started avoiding discord. I've just started to avoid talking in general, as I'm quite convinced that I'm not really wanted in server conversation. In spite of this, I plan to continue to stay on the server, but now as an outcast. I'm sorry I've covered this up for so long. I hope you all enjoyed my prime, and I look forward to seeing everyone else bloom. Acceptance of any of this won't come easy, but thankfully one day it will come.

I'm quite sorry for this debby-downer forum post. I'll try not to make many more like it.

cya in-game...

Have a GREAT rest of your day,
Posted Aug 23, 17 · OP
Aww I hope this passes by and you get better. You are not an outcast I still like you!
Posted Aug 23, 17
It's ok, I'm somewhat an outcast too!
Posted Aug 24, 17
The same thing happened to me. Word for word this describes my situation as well. If you'd ever like to talk about anything, or just have a friend, i'm open to it,
Posted Aug 25, 17