RiverOak is Recruiting

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Our town offers prebuilt houses and empty plots with no extra charge! The prebuilt houses are usually built by our town builder (and server architect) TayebMC. Tax is $0 and Plots are $0 we do not run this town to make a profit!

What is Riveroak?

Riveroak was set up by myself - Watsonxx - within the first few minutes of Mineraze 3.0 going live, back in 2.0 our town was called Riverside (Google Riverside to see why we changed our name) we are the largest town on server at the minute whilst owning /Warp Blitz /Warp Essentials and many other public grinders/farms that are well known throughout the server. we own the largest nation on the server which is a tribute to our town name in 2.0 "Riverside Realm"

The benefits of joining Riveroak:

We have an active and lively town chat
Many private town farms
Possibility of climbing through town ranks
To live in a well presented appealing town
To claim your land if you are in need of an outpost
To connect with some of your favourite staff members/architects
We have a town discord that is used frequently

How you can join Riveroak:

Artisan+ in game rank
1000 Mcmmo power level (/Stats)
Well presented player with a near to clean record
Friendly character to ensure our town chat remains positive
If you qualify for these requirements and are interested, Message Watsonxx or TayebMC in game

What we are mainly looking for in our new members:

A player who will not cause conflict within our town chat
Someone who can be independent however still fulfil their task if there is one set
Some jobs such as building and town layout may be asked of certain capable members
Someone who will have fun and engage with other players whilst being a member of our town

If you want to find out more about Riveroak:

Do /t Riveroak in game and feel free to ask any of our town staff questions
Message Watsonxx on the forums if you would like a conversation
/Warp Riveroak in game to check out the main town
Or contact anyone available in the town to show you around the outposts

See you on the server :)
- Watson
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RiverOak sounds like a pretty insignificant town, I've never heard about it but thanks to this thread I now have!

Good luck with it,
Easthallow's probably better than your town ;)
Posted Sep 10, 17
Watsonxx ADMIN
Nice to know this forum post has done it's job thanks to you feedback Donuts_MC
I hope you are having fun in your town "EastShallow" (I think thats the name?)

-Watson :)
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Posted Sep 10, 17