_Wenzer's Trainee Application

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In-game Username:

21 years

Do you have Discord?:

Do you have skype?:

Timezone and Country:
Central Standard Time, USA

When did you first join MineRaze?:
My first time ever joining was back in 1.0 I believe. I played for maybe 2-3 weeks (I think). I wasn't a serious player back then. I played a lot during 3.0 but had to stop playing due to personal health, which caused me to quit a little while before the reset was announced. I've been a relatively active player on 4.0 as of November 16th.

Have you received any form of punishments on MineRaze?:
Not that I know of.

Why should we pick you?:
My time spent on the server has almost always been positively spent, I believe. I did have a rough patch right before I stopped playing during 3.0, but it did not affect other players in the form of trolling, abuse of the game, insulting, etc. I did talk to my friends through private message, but I did not let my personal life interfere with my ability to be a peaceful & respectful player.
I have a good grasp on the commands and requirements of a staff member due to my previous position as a moderator on another unnamed server (it was relatively the same size in population as Mineraze, so I was use to handling many players at a given time). I am familiar with the core protect system especially but it may take me a bit to remember some of the commands and syntax, as I have not used them in a while.
I'm a very empathic player, as well as open-minded, which I believe highly affects my ability to resolve situations. I try to look at every side of a situation and produce a resolution that should take the appropriate measures.

How have you positively contributed to the server?:
I am often seen in chat (or heard in discord) answering questions to the best of my ability, or referencing other players or resources that can better answer the questions. I've made many friends and neutral acquaintances since my first time joining the server. I don't believe I have any enemies but feel free to point out if you have a problem with me, as I am always willing to take constructive criticism. I believe I have helped to provide a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for the server :)
Posted Nov 21, 17 · OP
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+1 for Wenzer!
Posted Nov 21, 17
I'd like to respectfully retract my application. At least for now. :) Thank you for the consideration however.
Posted Nov 23, 17 · OP
Awww what Wenzer you would make amazing staff, +1 from me if you reapply
Posted Nov 23, 17
+1, shame that you retracted, would’ve loved to have you alongside the staff team.
Easthallow's probably better than your town ;)
Posted Dec 2, 17