Trainee Aplication

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In-game Username: Dsamdude
Age: 22
Do you have Discord?: Yes

Do you have skype?: Yes

Timezone and Country: -7 MST, Canada

When did you first join MineRaze?: I joined around 1.5 years ago during what I believe was 1.0

Have you received any form of punishments on MineRaze?: No I have not.

Why should we pick you?: I am a very active player ingame, who is willing to take the time to help players with question and issues, big or small. I feel the addition of a staff title would also allow additional players to feel more comfortable reaching out to me for help when in need. I am fairly versed in the commands of the server and am always looking to learn new ones. I feel I will be a great fit with the current staff team and the skills I bring would be an ongoing asset to the community.

How have you positively contributed to the server?: I am currently working on a large scale mob grinding hallway with Merven, (We need those Squid and Creeper spawners still). I have been building a large scale hub for people to come together and enjoy grinding mobs and exploring our large scale build. I help players download and install mods and understand and implement townie commands and try my best to help newer players get a foothold into the wonderful world that is MineRaze.
Posted Dec 1, 17 · OP
+1 Always willing to Answer Questions and help out, Primary Builder on the largest Public Mob Hub.
Posted Dec 1, 17
Decent application, would like to see you more active in chat before I give a +1.
Easthallow's probably better than your town ;)
Posted Dec 2, 17