kappelschrader's Ban Appeal

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Minecraft Username:kappelschrader

Appeal type (ban/mute/jail/warn appeal): 24hr Temp Ban

What is the reason of your ban/mute/jail or warn? Autoclicking

Do you have any previous punishments on MineRaze? No

Why should we unban/unmute/unjail/unwarn you?
Well I wasn't autoclicking. I was farming Endermen in one of the farms that drops them down in front of you for you to whack them and collect the mob essence they drop. Below, you'll find a photo of my setup. On the left screen is the screen I play video games on. The right screen serves as whatever else I want to pull up onto it. In this instance I was watching a movie on my right monitor while I was spam clicking. The two main arguments against me are that my clicking was not inconsistent and that I did not notice I was teleported away. As for my clicking that does not seem like it should hold any weight because people can click anyway they want. Consistent rhythm to clicking shouldn't be very hard to believe. Now for being teleported this is the only reason that is and should be punishable, if I was actually at my computer I should've noticed that I was moved somewhere else. Well instead of staff teleporting me away somewhere else from the end farm they chose to teleport me about 3 blocks away from it, this results in no noticeable color change or even change very drastically what my current view was. Now if I'm watching a movie, I'm really not gonna be paying much attention to whatever is going on in minecraft, especially if I'm just hitting endermen. Also I'd like to point out the youtube link down below, this is the footage from the staff member Nebulava who conducted the investigation. I'd like you to notice how she only films and "investigates" for 26 seconds before deeming me cheating. That does not seem to be like a reasonable time to figure out if someone is autoclicking, shouldn't you stick around and try to get the attention of them before banning them? Another small note is that my mouse is indeed wireless and I could lean back in my chair and hold it in my lap.

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Huge fan of the sherlock holmes break down here. This is a man the server needs.

Let the man watch his movies!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted Dec 5, 17
A few points here:

1. I agree teleportation to a location that looks the same to be a very bad choice when inspecting someones activity. I too watch movies and such when I fish and don't always look at the minecraft screen.

2. Should you really be gaining resources when you are not actively inspecting the minecraft game? what is actively inspecting? I suggest looking at your minecraft screen within every 10-15 seconds.

3. About click interval, this is a determinant for auto clicking as a program can click constantly at the same exact timing. It's not possible for a human to do this, there will be differences in milliseconds.
Posted Dec 5, 17
Nebulava S-MOD
One mistake I made was not enabling audio in my recording. Another factor I took into account is how fast the punching sounded. It sounded within the range of 15 CPS at a constant pace, which is very suspicious. Of course you are unable to confirm this as I left that important detail out. I did however ask the opinion of other staff members before deciding to ban. Even if you were using a second monitor to watch a film, you are still able to use an autoclicker.

Regardless, the punishment time has run out, and you are free to play again on the server.

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Posted Dec 6, 17