Mr_Pide's Trainee Application

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In-game Username: Mr_Pide
Do you have Discord?:Yes
Do you have skype?:Yes
Timezone and Country: Eastern Standard time Canada
When did you first join MineRaze?:I don't remember exact date or server version but I did not play much on the previous world but the world previous to that I was very active. I had to stop playing when I got a different job.
Have you received any form of punishments on MineRaze?:No
Why should we pick you?:Due to certain things in my life happening I am now in the situation where I have free time and minecraft and what I do with most of it. I will continue to have this availability for some time. This also causes me to be on for many hours and strange hours (I notice there isn't usually staff on at 1-4 A.M).I consider myself to be a mature player and able to get along with everyone on the server. I have experience being an admin on a server a few years ago (server closed to monetary issues). I believe that I handled issues with fairness and the proper proof and punishment for what was done. I became the admin that disputed claims on the forums and acquired the proof as well revoking bans to a warning if necessary.
How have you positively contributed to the server?:I answer questions in chat as frequently as I can. I try to get new players started in the right direction sometimes giving them a few starter items sometimes simply pointing them where they would like to go. I have helped create and maintain a large public farm that i frequently fix if people don't replant (i know it's an accident sometimes). Thank you for your time and consideration.
Posted Dec 13, 17 · OP
Watsonxx ADMIN

In my opinion this application doesn't show me what I know you're capable of in game.
From our brief encounters on the server you came across very mature and professional however I can't help but compare this application to some of the approved ones, I know you have what it takes to be staff but I would like to see much more effort and time put into your application before I can support your progression to Trainee.

However, it is good that I can then give you constructive feedback on how to improve :)
Firstly, get your name a little bit more known amongst the community and I'm sure they will grow to love you and see the same features in which I do
We are aware that we don't always have a staff member on at the moment and are looking for people to fill the spots (It's great your on at a time most staff aren't) see if you would be able to help staff do their job - even if this is messaging one of us on discord when we are needed online or if it is filling out a player report on the forums, this shows us that you stand out from the other applicants and that you have an ambition to be able to deal with these instances one day on your own!

I hope you take this feedback on board and eventually you will earn my +1 but not yet.

Good luck and see you in game
- Watson
Posted Dec 14, 17
Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I really appreciate your feedback and i will be sure to put it to good use. See you on the server!
Posted Dec 14, 17 · OP · Last edited Dec 14, 17