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Serious appeal for once.

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Watsonxx ADMIN
Your name wasn't the only reason you were banned....
Personally I would not like to see you back on the server,

This is due to the amount of staff disrespect you produced on discord to the S-MOD Saritaa
How you managed to get caught hacking within your first 24 hours on the server
Due to trying to disturb the peace on the forums with racist forum posts - this shows it's not only your name which is considered Racist


- Watson
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Posted Dec 20, 17 · Last edited Dec 20, 17
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If you change your current ign it will be okay as long as you abide by the rules of the server. On the other hand, buying a new account and going to the server is not a recommended thing as it may be considered ban evasion. Your best bet is to direct message pacificminer on discord to inform him that your doing so. But I have seen that you have disrespected some staff members so that is somewhat of a downer for your repeal. Although I do wish to see you on the server again I'm against the fact that people may call others names or just right out offensive to them.
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