In-game Username: PlayerLuck1533

Age: 16

Do you have Discord?: Yes my main username is PlayerLuck1533 #2209 which is currently added to the MinerRaze discord

Do you have skype?: Yes, but I just got skype. Username: Player Luck I would prefer if you message ma on discord because I check my messages more on discord.

Time zone and Country: Central, US

When did you first join MineRaze?: I had first joined MineRaze a couple of months after the last reset because my brother irishluck1533 invited me to play, but I have no clue of the exact date.

Have you received any form of punishments on MineRaze?: I have never received any forms of punishments as far as I'm aware on MineRaze.

Why should we pick you?: I believe you should pick me as a trainee because I am an active member who has been here for nearly four months and plays daily. I know almost all of the commands on the server and help other players when they do not know. I help members anytime they need help by providing useful information such as warps and in game items. With the new commands I will be provided if I get trainee, I will be able to help other players and stop them from fights. I will be able to Answer questions and become a more trusted player for any new people on the server. if I do not get the trainee rank I will still continue to play on the server as if nothing happened, but I would not be able to help out nearly as much without the commands that trainee offers.

How have you positively contributed to the server?: I have positively contributed to MineRaze by helping people when they want help. I provide commands to players who are just starting or who are in need of a command or good warp. I help players with the price of items and I do not give them any false information. I am mostly active around night time in my time zone, but I do play nearly every single day after I get off from school. I work in real life on weekends, but I am off at five at night and usually play from eight or nine until one-two in the morning. I have a fun time talking to other players on the server and joking around with them. I do not disrespect players and if I am ever in the wrong I take full responsibility for my actions. Again, I know most commands, but I am unfamiliar with some of the staff commands.

I really thank anyone who actually read through to the end of this post and I really hope to be accepted into the staff. Have a good Christmas all and good night ;D