SkepticPvPer's Trainee Application

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In-game Username: SkepticPvPer
Age: 15
Do you have Discord?: Yes
Do you have skype?: Yes i do
Timezone and Country: UTC
When did you first join MineRaze?:Mineraze 2.0
Have you received any form of punishments on MineRaze?: Yes a ban(cause apparently i was using McLeaks even tho i did a bunch of donations on my account,which i still have)
Why should we pick you?:
Firstly i know a lot about the server and being staff as i was Mod on a previous server which i am not since i quit cause the disrespect there was too much and i wasn't allowed to warn or mute so i quit . I have been here since MineRaze 2.0 i knew a lot of people in staff at that point who used to help me learn about the commands and stuff but now its changed which i see. Abusing is one thing a staff should never do with his powers as its unfair to other players and would of course get you Perm IP ban.
How have you positively contributed to the server?:
I have been helping people in Mineraze 2.0 and hope to help people now in the present and i am a active player i play almost every day and sometimes when i don't i am probably in school. So i hope for the best. Thanks :)
Posted Dec 25, 17 · OP
DearAmbelina TRAINEE
Just a heads up, you posted in the "Appeals" section instead of "Trainee Applications" section. ^^
Posted Dec 25, 17
Posted in the wrong section, I shall move it for you. As for your application, I personally do not feel that somebody who partially left a staff team due to their inability to mute or warn (a staff member should not care about their personal abilities, rather they focus on ensuring that the desired punishment is definite/recorded and that it eventually is properly punished) is a great fir for our team. Remember that this is my opinion, not a requirement by the staff.
I also have not seen you too often in global chat; however, that could just be due to the timezones and times that we are online. Nevertheless, it is a -1 from me for the moment
Posted Dec 26, 17
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-1 I haven't seen you on or in global
Posted Dec 26, 17