Sweetbl4 Traniee Application

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In-game Username: Sweetbl4

Age: 17 (18 in a few months)

Do you have Discord?: Yes, "Loxy#3729"

Do you have skype?: Yes, "Loxy30"

Timezone and Country: Sweden, CEST (UTC +01:00)

When did you first join MineRaze?: I first started playing a couple resets ago, but had a VERY long break. Currently been consistently active for about a month.

Have you received any form of punishments on MineRaze?: No, I have a clean record.

Why should we pick you?: I am and will continue to be very active during my free hours, I have experience off staff sits with different kinds of peoples on other servers where i have been moderating for years at a time earlier in my life, so prior experiences as a staff member of sorts will apply to my usefulness as a staff on this server. I have helped and will continue to help with the best of my ability further on, in my journey on this server. I'd say I'm mature and can act mature even when other players aren't co-operating or similar and not get heated during conversations that might turn bad toward a staff member or another player.

How have you positively contributed to the server?: I do my up most to be polite to everyone on the server, and help through either public chat or /msgs to help out with whatever i can if someone new joins or have a question. I vote daily on the server, If there are no staff active on the server during some of the hours i play and someone is looking for help i will also try to help then. I try to spread positive energy daily whenever i'm on because no one should feel sad or have a bad time playing on the server.
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Good App and Good Luck Sweetbl4! +1
Posted Jan 1, 18
Mature, however most of your chat takes place in town chat. Expand it to global chat and ACTIVELY help players before I give my +1.

Good luck,
Anson (Donuts_MC)
Easthallow's probably better than your town ;)
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