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New Role: Quest Masters

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Hey everyone! Today I will be presenting an idea for a new role on Mineraze. Hey everyone! Today I will be presenting an idea for a new role on Mineraze.
Basic Outline
A Quest Master's role would be to write scripts weekly which would be implemented on the server via a plugin and turned into quests. These quests can be anything from pvp to actual lengthy stories. This position would be staff and would have to be applied for, and would require all the things a Trainee required along with good writing and creativity skills.
Why it is needed
In my humble opinion one thing Mineraze could perform better on is quests. Currently most quests, apart from the two dungeons and the mob arenas feel like additions to normal minecraft and not really something unique. If we had people dedicated to writing complicated and exciting quests then players would be able to immerse themselves more and have more fun, as quests, when done right, are truly fulfilling and amazing to complete. I feel implementing this position would also allow Mineraze to grow as people would come to the server in order to do the quests.

Naturally this is simply a suggestion, so please all write down your comments on this idea and vote if you want to. Thanks for reading!
Sounds great!
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Not so great!
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Posted Jan 1, 18 · OP · Last edited Jan 1, 18
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The quest plugin is limited.
We cannot do more than we already are.
Posted Jan 2, 18
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