Zeeborg's Staff Application

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In-game Username: ImZeeborg
Age: 17
Do you have Discord?: Yes i do. (User: Zeeborg)
Do you have skype?: Yes i do. (User: sammehy)
Timezone and Country: Alberta, Canada/ Mountain Time
When did you first join MineRaze?: I joined Mineraze in 2015, but i recently took a break for about 5 months but rejoined the server earlier this month.
Have you received any form of punishments on MineRaze?: I recieved a Forum Warning back in 2015, for posting a donation link for the RedCross.

Why should we pick you?: I was a Helper for about a month and a half back in early 2016, But i had to resign for personal reasons, and i believe i proved myself to be extremely helpful to everyone. I have alot of experience when it comes to being Staff on MC Servers and i even have Former Experience in owning two servers. I have been moderator/admin on countless servers and i always tried my best to represent not only myself, but The server to the highest degree. I'm Friendly, Polite and respectful and i am always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. I am able to be online most days for multiple hours, although i do have prior commitments such as Work and School, but i will always find a way around my schedule to get online and provide my services to the server. Now i know not everyone is perfect, and i can't know how to help everyone all the time, but i always try my hardest to give people the right advice/answer and if i don't know the answer to a question, i try my best to contact a person i believe would know the answer and attempt to get back to the player as soon as i can. I listen well to feedback, i can communicate effectively with the other Staff and the Players, and i know how to properly present myself in Situations that will require a more serious tone. I understand the proper punishments people should receive when they break the rules, and if a situation arises when i cant make an unbiased decision or i don't know the proper path to take, I will get a Higher up/More Experience staff member online on either the Server, Skype or Discord to assist me in diffusing the situation. With my Time Zone i am able to be online most of the time other Players from Canada/USA are online, which will ensure a staff member is usually always present online.

How have you positively contributed to the server?: Back when i was very active on the server i never hesitated to help New Players out once they joined the Server, Especially when Mods weren't on. I tried to answer any questions they had and i tried to provide them with the resources they needed to get started. I even gave a couple new players a tour around the spawn once. I'm not sure many of the new players remember me, But i think i was always one of the most friendly faces on Mine raze back in the day, i had great relationships with almost every player and i was always ready to offer my assistance to anyone. I always tried to be polite and respectful to people, and i always tried to make the server a better place, by providing a warm and welcoming environment for new players, to ensure they stay and join the Mine raze Community.
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Hey Zeeborg, nice application however ever since MineRaze 4.0, you've only netted 1 hour and 11 minutes of playtime. You need much more activity.

Easthallow's probably better than your town ;)
Posted Jan 5, 18
-1, I agree with Donuts
Posted Jan 5, 18