In-game Username: EngRos
Age: 24
Do you have Discord?: Yes
Do you have skype?: Yes
Timezone and Country: Britain GMT
When did you first join MineRaze?: Think I've been on MineRaze for roughly 2 years.
Have you received any form of punishments on MineRaze? Nope
Why should we pick you?: I like to be an active server and chat member where possible, I enjoy helping others and I've played Minecraft since it's full release and have followed it since Alpha. Although MineRaze does not seem to have trouble with conflicts between younger players, I feel as an older player, things can be resolved fairly if it came down to defusing a situation or argument. I would love to learn from other admins and mods, as well as architects to possible have the chance at helping Pac with any updates, as I spend most of my time online, building. Also, I feel that from being from Europe, that I can be online more so for European players, if they need any help.
How have you positively contributed to the server?: I try to help others and repay players fairly for none shop items. I have donated and bought items from the site store multiple times and try to give helpful advice to other players, admins or mods. I like to make people feel welcomed and included.