Kobaloi's Staff Application - Resubmit

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In-game Username:

18 January 26th

Do you have Discord?:
Yes, kobaloi#1251

Do you have skype?:
Yes, if I take time to remember my sign in.

Timezone and Country:

When did you first join MineRaze?:
I joined the server November 13th, according to my /res in game. I didn't play much at first, but have since started playing much much more, logging over 140 hours since.

Have you received any form of punishments on MineRaze?:
No, I have not received any form of punishment on MineRaze as of yet. I try my best to avoid anything that is not allowed as I know what it is like to deal with problem players.

Why should we pick you?:
I have previously been staffed on two other Minecraft servers. On one server, I was trusted and liked by many of the players and staff members as I quickly rose through the ranks to Head-Admin (mislabeled as admin previously) in just a few months, learning every command and task that was needed of me and even some that was not just to make things easier on the servers' other staff members. The second server I am currently Admin on, as it reopened since my last application, however this will not affect my ability to help MineRaze as best I can. I have usually been the "go-to" guy for when people needed help on the first server and I enjoy learning how the plugins/mods in servers work so I can research anything that is required of me. I enjoy helping players out when they have questions and have tried to already on this server when I am able. I am able to be on just about any time I may be needed by anyone in the server and will not hesitate to jump on quickly if need be and possible. I don't know very much about the plugins that are in this server yet, but as I said above, I can research anything I need to and I am a very fast learner. Staff positions are fun to me because I get to help people and improve the server for both myself and other players to enjoy and I take them seriously.

How have you positively contributed to the server?:
I consider myself to have done more than I had at the time of my last application. I've been on a lot more and talked to the community, helped out where ever I could even if I wasn't the only one helping or the one asked. If I know the answer to a question, then I try to answer unless I miss the message. I try not to go AFK in the server for too long in case a question is asked, then I like to be able to reply and if I'm not at my computer then I cannot do that.
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+1 very active
also your comment on "no punishments yet" was funny.
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DearAmbelina TRAINEE
DearAmbelina @ Mineraze
Hello Kobaloi!

I stand neutral on this application. The reason being? The main part of the application, in which you should sell yourself, is an almost exact copy from your first application, with a few words flipped around and added here and there.I'm sure that as a month has passed from your first app, you must have gained more experience or be able to put more thought into your newest application.

I hope you can learn from this criticism and apply it to your future applications.
Good luck!

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Thank you Ambelina, I will keep that in mind.
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