Introducing: Etheria

Greetings everyone!
Over the last few months, a new server has been in development.
A new towny realm (server) is coming later this month on May, 26th.

This realm will be known as “Realm of Etheria”.
It will have the same core features as our Aesteria realm has to offer along with new features and changes/improvements to existing ones. A lot of features have been reiterated and revamped giving you a fresh and unique gameplay experience.

The four major versions of Aesteria has taught us many lessons which we hope to apply to this new realm, which includes having fewer overpowered (pay-to-win) perks for donors. This also means that everyone will start on equal footing.

We value your feedback and suggestions, so if you haven’t already posted a suggestion on the forums, it is highly recommended that you do so, not only does it help the development team but you also have a chance of being given some lucrative rewards on either the Aesteria realm or the new Etheria realm.

More information about Etheria will come closer to its release, stay tuned.

FAQ (will be updated frequently)

Will my donor rank carry over to the new realm?

No, it won’t. Due to the new style of gameplay, we will not be transferring anything from the Aesteria realm. The Etheria realm will also only have 6 donor ranks compared to the 9 on Aesteria. Everyone starts fresh and on equal footing.

What will happen to Aesteria?
Absolutely nothing. The server you play on today will still be around and it will still be maintained and updated as it is today.

What are the key differences between Aesteria and Etheria?
The full list of differences will be available closer to launch, however here...
Hello everyone,

A new minor update is now available on the server.
This update includes some minor bug fixes and improvements along with the long-awaited nether/end/resource world reset.

The nether, end, and resource world have all been reset.
From this point forward, they will be reset more frequently, roughly once every 30 days.

The rewards obtained from most quests have been updated and increased.

Each daily quest now gives the following:
- 2x Artifact Relics
- 8x Artifact Fragments
- $500

Each weekly quest now gives the following:
- 2x Mark of Honor
- 5x Artifact Relic
- 1x Player Point (can be used at the point merchant!)

Temple of Herobrine and the Easy Mob Brawl quest now gives the following:
- 1x Mark of Honor
- 5x Artifact Relic
- 1x Player Point (can be used at the point merchant!)

Wailing Caverns and the Medium Mob Brawl quest now gives the following:
- 2x Mark of Honor
- 1x Lost Book
- 2x Player Point (can be used at the point merchant!)

The possible loot from dungeons has been significantly buffed.

Easy Dungeon Crate now has the chance to drop the following:
- 5x Artifact Fragments (20%)
- 6x Artifact Fragments (20%)
- 7x Artifact Fragments (20%)
- 8x Artifact Fragments (10%)
- 1x Artifact Relic (19%)
- 2x Artifact Relics (10%)
- 1x Lost Book (1%)

Medium Dungeon Crate now has the chance to drop the following:
- 8x Artifact Fragments (20%)
- 9x Artifact Fragments (20%)
- 10x Artifact Fragments (10%)
- 2x Artifact Relic (18%)
- 3x Artifact Relic (18%)
- 4x Artifact Relic (8%)
- 1x Mark of Honor (3%)
- 1x Lost Book (3%)

The voting rewards have also been improved.

Each vote now gives you:
- $500 In-game money
- 1x Vote...

Hello Aesterians!

This week has seen a lot of improvements done to the server, especially a lot of back-end server enhancements. Overall this should make the server run smoother. Our new website also launched last Saturday, and we are still working on implementing some minor features to it. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the website.

A new update 4.14 including the annual Easter event is available April 1st, and the update notes can be read below.

Update 4.14

Easter Event

It is that time of the year again, Easter has finally arrived and with it, the annual MineRaze Easter event is here. Here are the details of this year’s Easter event.

Venture to the events area in spawn and go aboard Arathon’s boat and sail to the Easter Island. On this island, you will find 5 unique Easter quests giving you epic rewards ranging from in-game money to marks of honor and the new event currency, Easter eggs. These Easter eggs can be spent at the Easter Merchant in spawn where there are 20 custom items available for purchase. The first 4 quests can be completed once, whereas the 5th and final quest can be repeated daily. Check out the quests in-game on the Easter Island!

Other Updates

While the focus of this update was the Easter event there has also been made some minor changes.
  • Jobs max level increased to 85 for players and 90 for high-ranked donors.
  • Chronos Crate has released
  • Minor updates have been made to spawn
  • Fishing area in spawn is now “deep ocean” biome increasing the catch rate from fishing.
  • Mobs from spawners should now give money from the hunter job again (50% of default value)
  • Fixed a bug with “Christmas Lumberjack Hat” booster not applying
  • Trainee staff rank has been renamed to Helper which suits their position better
  • Ghost-fishing contests no longer occur.
  • And many more minor bug fixes, along with backend updates,...