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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LongCarrot, Aug 8, 2018.

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    - Trade up keys, 10 vote = 1 epic, 5 epic = 1 mythical. vote keys are about 1000-1500 each and going off that it'd be perfect prices for the rest of the keys, making this market a lot better. Also, the new divine items require mythical keys and between this,and store purchases it'd be a good balance.

    - Add a second option for the mythical/divine bows with punch X. Punch is fun to play with especially in pvp.

    - Add second options for the divine pickaxe/shovel/axe with no telepathy. Maybe even add haste ce for the ones w/o telepathy.

    - The mythical boots don't require 3 BoKs to purchase figured id just put that here to get it fixed unless it's meant to like that.

    - I forget what the command was back in that day, but we had it so u could see the droprates of items from the dungeon bosses, if we could get that back for the loot crates that'd be cool.

    - Backward exchange rates for the hl currencies. Doesn't have to mirror the current exchange rates maybe even add in like for example: breaking down a dragonbone u have a chance to get 3-5 fragments because maybe you accidentally destroy some of the dragonbone in the process and then so on with the other currencies

    - Idk if scrambler is still broken but please fix.

    - Anyway to auto-announce global artifact boost purchases to announcements on discord.

    - Change custom enchant book prices of common and mythical, my suggestions:
    Common should be: 30 mithril bar, $2500, 15 levels
    Mythical should be 1 dragonbone, $50000, 100 levels
    Considering the majority of the ce's are for pvp it'd be nice to have i guess more chance at the more useful ones.

    - Can we get a trinket that makes you invisible that you just have to have in ur inventory in order to work

    - Lastly pretty please let me have /warp target so my life can be complete <3
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    Good ideas.

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