Midsummer Event 2018, Update 1.4

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    Hello Etherians!

    With the release of Etheria, one of our main goals was to do server events more frequently. The first server event of Etheria is now available, The Midsummer Event. This event is available until July 30th, meaning it is active for a whole month!

    Recently, the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew arrived at the docks in the server spawn. He is recruiting brave adventurers like yourself to assist them in the troubles present on their tropical island. It is time for you to embark on an adventure and show your prowess to these pirates.

    This event features 6 new quests available on the pirate island with the latter being a daily quest. Completing these quests will reward you with “Buccaneer's Heart” which is a currency specific to this year's midsummer event. You can purchase up to 18 different custom items with this currency from the pirate merchant in spawn. On the island, you will be able to discover hidden treasures and battle foul creatures threatening to corrupt the island. Complete quests, become acquainted with the pirates, earn their trust and find mysterious pirate relics. Will you become a pirate?

    Other Updates
    • The Epic and Mythical crates have both been significantly buffed to better reflect the current state of the server’s economy.
    • Fixed a bug where certain ranks were unable to unlock their specific titles.
    • Fixed a bug where ‘trash’ mobs did not spawn in the Wailing Caverns dungeon.
    • Fixed a bug where some achievements did not give rewards.
    • Fixed/update some GUIs
    • Minor bug fixes
    • And more...

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