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    After long and countless days of work, we are proud to present Realm of Etheria as the most significant update we have made in recent MineRaze history. It is a completely new world with new and updated features for you to enjoy!

    Players who wish to maintain their hard-earned progress on Aesteria are able to do so as the old realm is not going anywhere and will still be equally administered alongside Etheria.

    Etheria has the same core features as our Aesteria realm along with new features and changes/improvements to existing ones. A lot of features have been reiterated and revamped giving you a fresh and unique gameplay experience.



    Loot now comes in five rarities in the order: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical


    Our beloved Heirloom Currency is still the foundation currency used in custom item purchases for the Realm of Etheria. Most items at the Artifact Merchant (/warp HL) require HL Currency. These items are mostly tiered, and can range from common identifiers to Mythical tools.
    Click here to learn more about some of our new custom items!



    Tiered similarly to Heirloom Currency, you can right-click identifier relics to obtain an item (tools, armor) from that specific tier. (i.e right-clicking a Legendary Identifier Relic will give you a Legendary-tiered object.)
    Click here to learn more about some of our new custom items!



    Another familiar feature, Artifacts is what makes grinding mcMMO and Jobs so exciting on Etheria. Artifacts add an element of player interaction that will truly leave you satisfied, now revamped and redesigned in Etheria to ensure a great player experience! Various artifacts benefit various elements to your gameplay as you will soon learn.
    Click here to learn more about some of our new custom items!


    Similar to Aesteria, Trinkets on Etheria boosts/provides various benefits to different aspects of gameplay. Like many other items on the server, Trinkets are tiered in terms of their effectiveness and rarity. There is also an addition of a trinket which combines all of the possible effects into one trinket!



    Etheria comes with entirely new custom enchantments to further enhance your experience on the server! Enchantments are now properly tiered like the other item categories on Etheria and also further categorized to having varying levels for each enchantment. Being able to put Mythical enchantments on your tools is the ideal end-game achievement. What are you waiting for, start grinding for them!
    Click here to learn about our new custom enchantment system!



    Fishing just got a lot better as the addition of The Tinkerer now allows you to exchange Enchanted armor for experience!

    The Tinkerer now gives the opportunity to exchange any unwanted custom enchantment books for subsequent tiers of dust satchels or have the chance to disintegrate into Mystery Dust. (For example, if you have a Rare custom enchantment such as Berserker V - you would receive 1x Rare Secret Dust or 1x Mystery Dust in return.)

    The different tiers of Magic Dust can be applied to respective tiers of custom enchantment books to boost their success rates.


    The Alchemist allows you to exchange two satchels of dust for a higher tiered dust. Furthermore, you can exchange two custom enchantment books for one enchantment book of higher quality!



    The Realm of Etheria has over twice as many achievements compared to Aesteria. Each with unique custom rewards. All achievement rewards are now also displayed on a forum thread so you will be able to grind out the rewards you want!


    Fishing contests on Aesteria were so widely regarded as a fun event we decided to shorten the waiting duration between contests. Now a fishing contest takes place every 2 hours and lasts for 15 minutes. Rewards have also been updated to the following:

    1st Place - 1x Etherian Crystal

    2nd Place - 3x Magical Infused Runes

    3rd Place - 15x Mithril Bars



    On release, there will be three types of crates on Etheria (Vote, Epic, Mythical). Furthermore, crates now have an added feature where the probability for each treasure drop is shown. The three crate types ensure that there is a crate for every person and you can expect to see crates providing you with varying rarities of loot.



    The Pet Merchant is still on Etheria and now has the added responsibility of selling you spawners in exchange for broken spawners and mithril bars! You will still be able to purchase monster eggs there too.



    Feeling lucky? The Bartender is here for all your gambling needs, do not lose all your money though.. that.. would be unfortunate...



    The monsters you see in the wilderness now inflict a variety of custom abilities and effects you will truly need to gear up for. Moreover, some typical Minecraft features have been tweaked to give out a newer experience. A new event (coming soon): Blood Moon has also been added, which entails a horde of monsters coming at you… be sure to gear up for such an attack!



    There are now monthly cumulative voting rewards making voting even more satisfying from what rewards were previously. Besides from winning Store Vouchers, Mythical Crate Keys, Epic Identifiers and more! Voting crates are now better than ever, however, the tradeoff is that a person only has a 25% chance of receiving a key per vote.



    There are now Market, Assistance, Recruitment channels, allowing players to categorize various discussions and make in-game chat overall cleaner. Furthermore, you can scroll over a player's prefix to see more information about them! The commands to enter the different channels are:

    General: /g, for general discussion and main chat on Etheria.
    Market: /market, for buying/selling goods and services on Etheria.
    Assistance: /assist, used when help is required and given by staff or other players.
    Local: /local & /l (talk to people within 250 block radius)

    Furthermore, there is now a new command for players to find a town. /nt or /needtown.




    Ever want to show off your mastery in a particular job? Once you reach level 50 in a job, you will gain access to a title named after the job. Rewarding players who have spent the time to grind and work for jobs.



    Besides from the daily chest that we all know and love, there is an addition of a Daily Bonus parrot at spawn. The Daily Bonus generously rewards active players who log in on a daily basis, however, the most exclusive reward is the Loyal title. At the end of the month after consecutively logging in for 28 days, you will have a 5% chance to redeem the Loyal title. The Loyal title will be one of the most sought-after titles in Etheria so remember to claim the bonus every day you can.



    We have gathered feedback and have realized that the current state of the rules hinders a player’s experience on MineRaze. We have primarily modified chat rules for both realms to better suit a wider age demographic and hope to mitigate staff impact on a player’s experience.

    Players who have previously been banned are also allowed to come join the release of Etheria (with a few exceptions). We hope that all returning players will enjoy the opportunity and make a positive impact on MineRaze. Reminder: all future punishments will carry between the two realms and the ten punishment permanent ban rule still applies.


    Besides this, a lot of other changes have been added to the server. This includes many new quests, events, minigames and so much more. Here is a preview of the first new dungeon and mob arena:

    The Wicked Grotto [Traveller]+


    Island of Anguish [Traveller]+


    We are really excited about the release of this new server and we truly believe it to be a very special addition to MineRaze, and we think you will too. We cannot wait for the server to fully launch next week!
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